Knw 2

Original Title: Konjiki no Word Master | 金色の文字使い

English Title: The Golden Word Master

Subtitle: The Unique Cheat of the Man Dragged in by the Four Heroes

Author: Tomoto Sui | 十本スイ


I’m not entirely sure where are the full list of the translated chapters of KnW but I will put here all the links related to the said novel.

Chapter 1 to 161:

Chapter 162 to 175:

Chapter 176 to 190:

Chapter 191 to 192

Latest Update:

I found out that KnW’s last translation stopped at 193. So that means, I would have to start from 194.


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Arc 4: The Fateful Duel of Evila and Gabranth


The ongoing invasion of Gabranth to Evila have finally been turned around. With the help of our protagonist Hiiro, the Evila’s were able to suppress Gabranth’s assault. The Gabranth main army were separated into small forces, their generals were badly injured, and what’s worse, their plan on dominating Evila were in vain.

Meanwhile, as the Gabranth invaders struggles for survival, Demon Queen Eveam decides to end the war through a series of duels to be partaken by the two faction’s chosen elites.

Hiiro sides with Evila. Long time companions are on Gabranth. And a new group introduces before them. What will Hiiro do in face of these challenges? And who will win in the Fateful duel between the two primal races of Edea?

Chapter 194 – The Beast King’s True Strength

Chapter 195 – To the Next Stage

Chapter 196 – The Winner raises his Fist

Chapter 197 – Admiration to the Winner

Chapter 198 – Praise to the Hero

Chapter 199 – Permanent Alliance

Chapter 200 – Uninvited Outlaws

Chapter 201 – Avoros’ Purpose

Chapter 202 – Matar Deus

Chapter 203 – Temporary Separation

Chapter 204 – Return to Xaos

Chapter 205 – Warning for Hiiro

Chapter 206 – Start of Feast

Chapter 207 – End of Feast

Arc 5: Matar Deus’ Secret Maneuvering

After the fateful duel has been concluded, the two races were able to establish an alliance with each other.

Nevertheless, a new group appeared before them. Matal Deus declared that
they will destroy Edea.

Things are finally taking a turn for the worse. The Humas Kingdom falls down to the ground while the two nations are oblivious to this unexpected development. And a sacred artifact was stolen in Evila.

Meanwhile, Hiiro explores more of his power, takes on a new partner, and above all, a future-encounter with another Loli.

(Chapter 206 to 229 was splendidly done by Aerosol31. Credits to him.)

Chapter 208 – Current State of Pasion

Chapter 209 – Kokorou’s Revolt

Chapter 210 – Judom Stands!

Chapter 211 – Hiiro searches for something

Chapter 212 – Disappointed Ornoth

Chapter 213 – Reunion with an Old Friend

Chapter 214 – Hiiro and the Ape

Chapter 215 – Invitation from the Spirit

Chapter 216 – Spirit Forest

Chapter 217 – Haughty Snake

Chapter 218 – Reunion with the Fairy Queen

Chapter 219 – The Spirits

Chapter 220 – Conditions for a Spirit Contract

Chapter 221 – Hiiro Vs Tenn

Chapter 222 – Hiiro’s Unique Searching Method

Chapter 223 – Obstinate Snake Princess

Chapter 224 – Contract Execution

Chapter 225 – Nikki’s Will

Chapter 226 – Dark Footsteps on the Holy Ground

Chapter 227 – Light of Naous

Chapter 228 – A man named Cruzer Gio

Extra Chapter – Popularity Vote Announcement!

Chapter 229 – From Piercer to Slasher

Chapter 230 – Enemy Spirit

Chapter 231 – The Core of the Founder Demon King

Chapter 232 – Appointment

Chapter 233 – Gathering of Hiiro’s Party

Chapter 234 – Surprising Point of Contact

Chapter 235 – Hiiro’s Connection with the Slasher

Chapter 236 – Solicitation Success

Chapter 237 – Visit to Pasion

Chapter 238 – The Tragedy after Pleasing each Other

Chapter 239 – The Spirit residing in the Tree

Chapter 240 – The Dagger that attacked Aragorn

Chapter 241 – Ideal Land

Chapter 242 – Meal Time! Live Homemade Dish!

Chapter 243 – Mimiru’s Song

Chapter 244 – A Dark Night Visit

Chapter 245 – Takeover

Chapter 246 – Victorious Falls

Chapter 247 – Clarification of the Knife

Chapter 248 – First of all, Massage

Chapter 249 – The Power of Deep Red Binding

Chapter 250 – The Newborn Power of Slasher

Chapter 251 – Flash Fireworks

Chapter 252 – The Small Love of the Two People

Chapter 253 – The Simple Loli Hag

Chapter 254 – The Second Princess Farah

Chapter 255 – Marquis’ Visit

Chapter 256 – Marquis’ Advice

Chapter 257 – Decision of the Two People

Chapter 258 – Body Power

Chapter 259 – Hiiro’s Foundation

Chapter 260 – Sacrifice

Chapter 261 – The Core of the Founder Demon King, Deprived

Chapter 262 – Cruzer’s Confession

Chapter 263 – Sacrifice Creation

Chapter 264 – Kupid Tribe

Chapter 265 – Warped Idea

Chapter 266 – The Two Grave Posts