Chapter 271 – Unforseen Accident?

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When Hiiro’s party came back to 【Xaous】, he returned their appearance to their original forms: He in 『Humas』, while Camus in his 『Asura Clan』 look. Camus seemed to have liked his 『Gabranth』 appearance as he felt a little disappointed, but Hiiro would be troubled for explanations if they returned as they were.

On the day Camus saved Hiiro from the duel before, he had explained to Muir and Leowald that Camus was an 『Evila』. However, upon their arrival at 【Pasion】, they were held back by a lot of questioning but eventually acknowledged Camus’ form and said that it isn’t necessary to become a 『Gabranth』 again as it only makes the matter troublesome.

The place they arrived was the inside of the Demon Lord’s castle. Camus said he wanted to buy the 《Fluffy Bread》 he had tasted before from the shop located nearby the castle. Apparently, he liked it quite a bit.

Hiiro thought that it was necessary to report their homecoming to Demon Lord Eveam first, so he handed money to Camus enough to buy the 《Fluffy Bread》 he wanted.

Tenn wanted to eat it as well, so he jumped on Camus’ shoulder as they both faced the shop together.

(Now then, time to meet Maou once again)

But Hiiro thought it would be troublesome if he looked for Eveam inside the castle. That’s why,

『Transfer』 & 『Maou』

Using Parallel Writing, he wrote two set of characters using both of his hands at the same time. With this, he’d be able to immediately go to where Eveam is.


Hiiro’s form disappeared from the place.


Upon arrival through the desired location, Hiiro wore a rather strange look.

(What’s with this room…hot and… steam?)

Indeed, it was obviously different compared to the room temperature outside as it generated enough steam that covered the whole area. It’s as if the place was covered in fog.

His eyeglasses became blurry so he decided to remove it and looked through the surroundings to see where exactly he was.

Then, the dripping sound of footsteps reached his ears. When he noticed it came from his rear, he turned his body around and saw….


It wasn’t Hiiro who spoke. And then, Hiiro understood everything. He should punish himself for not noticing earlier. Because in his presence was…..



……………. the appearance of Eveam who wasn’t wearing anything.



Unintentionally, Hiiro became speechless as his body stiffened. Although he realized where he was, he was dumbfounded by the situation as if he had lost his ability to think.

It seems Eveam was the same. She looked at Hiiro with wide eyes as if she was seeing an illusion.

“Hiiro?….why……why are you here?”

Hiiro opened his mouth like a pathetic old guy, but he dealt with the most important part first.

“….f-for now, you should cover yourself first.”

Hiiro diverts his gaze from her while he made an embarrassed face. At the realization of Hiiro’s words, Eveam remembered what she was doing in the morning.


Unfortunately, this was the large bathroom used exclusively by the Demon Lord.

Naturally, the maids who heard Eveam’s scream plunged towards the room thinking what may have happened. Thinking that his situation may get worse if he stayed here for another second, Hiiro immediately wrote the character 『Transfer』 and activated it.


“Uwa!? Don’t just appear so suddenly Hiiro!”

Hiiro arrived at the guest room personally lent to him inside the castle. Besides him was a startled Liliyn who was shocked from Hiiro’s appearance.

“It’s Shishou! Also how cold of you! To leave without taking me along~!”

“Mu~ Mikazuki as well, I wanted to go to the beastmen~”

Nikki, his stupid disciple, and Mikazuki, his personified pet girl were both puffing their cheeks.

“Nofofofofo! Welcome back Hiiro-sama”

“W-we are glad for your safe return!”

Silva, the hentai butler, and Shamoe, the clumsy maid hadn’t changed a bit.

“Long time no see, Hiiro-san…..oya? Do you feel unwell today?”

Wondering why Hiiro’s complexion was strange, Cruzer, a new companion he befriended recently came towards him.

“Mu? Now that you mention it, you’re face seems…red? Did you perhaps catch some cold?”

It appears that Liliyn and the others misunderstood his physical condition as the current Hiiro differed from his usual poker face.

(….fuu, as expected even I would get self-conscious about it)

Hiiro’s mind was jumbled like a mess. Although he tried not let his emotion show on his face, but deep inside he was still in turmoil about it.

To be honest, it was Hiiro’s first time seeing a naked woman. Because of the steam, he removed his glasses as he couldn’t see much clearly, but Hiiro was certain that it was Eveam’s well-proportioned figure he saw back then.

He couldn’t just say what he had experienced at the bathroom, so he was desperately trying to calm his heart right now.

“Oi, are you really alright Hiiro?”

Everyone was now looking at Hiiro who hasn’t responded yet with worried eyes.

“….I’m alright”

“Really? …… did something happen at 【Pasion】?”

“Nofofofo! As expected of Milady! To be very anxious about Hiiro-sama’s matters….is this perhaps love bound by jealousy and worry?”

“I-i-i-i-i-i-i-it’s not love you fool!”

Liliyn’s expression dyed immediately upon hearing Silva’s words.

“I-I’m just worried about the condition of my subordinate, s-since I have a duty as the leader!”

“Nofofofo! Calm down Milady… was splendid. Nofofo!”

“Shut up you pervert!”


Liliyn delivered a straight punch to Silva’s stomach as the latter dropped against the floor. However, because of this favor, he was able to avert the topic.

(Did he perhaps aimed for this…? Nah, as if that’s true…)

It seems Silva sensed Hiiro’s reluctance to the topic and decided to change it, but Hiiro didn’t want to believe it based on Silva’s usual behavior. Hiiro felt sorry for him, but he thought it was good luck it happened.

However, when he heard stomping footsteps approaching his location, he somehow had a bad feeling about it.

And then….

“You brat! Is it true that you have peeked when Her Majesty was taking a bath?!”

Moustache Baron, Marione stormed towards their room, and entered to the point of almost breaking the door.

(….haa, what an unlucky day)

Although Hiiro thought he could hide this hurriedly, as expected even he couldn’t say anything if it was said like this in the open.

(Wait, I could use the character 『Memory Lapse | 忘却』 to all the people in here…)

Then, just for an instance he looked at Nikki.

(But, this guy is foolish so it isn’t a problem, so is that drooling bird as well)

Since Nikki and Mikazuki doesn’t seem to understand the matter, he could deceive them. He judged that isn’t that worth it to use his magic on them.

( And that clumsy maid…)

At the moment he met eyes with Shamoe, she was ‘Fueeeee!’ while adding ‘so daring!’ with a flushed red face, but even if she misunderstood there’s no harm done.

(As for Jii-san, my magic won’t be effective on him…)

Since he is a high ranking 『Spirit』 surely he must possess also an 《Anti-Magic Element》. As a result, magic effects would be nullified against him. But even if he knew about it, he would surely just go ‘how envious!’, so there’s no problem with that guy as well. If there would be one, that would be……

“…..Hiiro….. Peeked at someone… inside the bath…..what the?”

Indeed, it would be the Red-haired Loli.


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