Chapter 260 – Sacrifice

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【Shanjuumon Cave】, this was the most dangerous area in Evila where Liliyn and his company brought Hiiro for the sake of a certain dream of hers.

Somewhere within this cave is where the 《Core of the Founder Demon Lord》 resides, which due to it turned this cave into a terrifying dungeon.

It’s terrain changes like a labyrinth every time one intrudes. Also, numerous atrocious demons inhabits this said place. Thus, no one had dared to come in this place.

That said, Cruzer Jio, a beastman, had lived in this strange place. He was the father of Winkaa Jio whom Hiiro had once traveled with in their travels, and he’s also a uniquely talented blacksmith.

However, because of his rare mastery in smithing, several countries and thieves aimed at obtaining him which resulted into his family being killed by one of the very weapons he had created. Due to that, he decided to not make any weapons that could kill people again and ended up secluding himself in this hellish cave.

Liliyn asked Hiiro’s cooperation for persuading Cruzer into joining their cause, for the dream【Paradise】 that she had persistently want to establish. The result went well as he decided to go out of this cave again.

However, he was not ready for his departure yet, and once again returned to his residence in order to sort out his personal belongings for awhile….


His pointy ears sensed a subtle sign of presence. Incidentally, his figure was not his usual beast man appearance, but of an 『Evila』-like one. His identity was not exposed because of Hiiro’s word magic, 『Change | 変化』

(This presence….this is not Liliyn’s ….)

Immediately noticing the presence that had entered 【Shanjuumon Cave】, he judged that he didn’t recognize this intruder.

(Then who in the world is this intruder?)

There were only 2 significant things the he derived if one’s aim is this place. First was the 《Core of the Founder Demon Lord》 raised awhile ago. And second was him, Cruzer himself.

Even to this present age, there are many who still desires for his blacksmithing. If his existence was to be revealed, the country would move to obtain him. Because the weapons he make was superior in all aspects compared to the norm.

So there’s a small chance that he was the aim of this unknown intruder. That’s why in order to ascertain the foreigner’s true aim, he decided to hide his presence and check it out.

The place he arrived had many holes that serves as passages to the other rooms. The presence he felt must be in here. Cruzer held his breath and approached the place.

What he saw astonished him.

(That person is …!?)

There was only one person there. Or to be exact, rather than a person, a boy was there. It was handsome youth who was fearlessly expressing a smile while waving with his golden hair.

At that moment, Cruzer remembered who that boy was.

(….Predecessor Demon Lord Avoros…)

Indeed, if Cruzer’s memory was not mistaken, that person over there is Avoros Gran Early Evening. He was a heartless Demon Lord who had once governed Evila.

(Why is he in this place…)

However, his doubt was answered immediately. Because he recalled about the duo who proclaimed themselves members from a group called《Matar Deus》

Their purpose was to obtain the 《Core of the Founder Demon Lord》. However, they were not able to accomplish their objective. As evidence of the illusions still covering this dungeon.

So the Demon Lord came by himself this time. But how will he be able to obtain the 《Core》 ….

Cruzer had once stepped in the place where the 《Core》 was located, and he could tell that layers of protection surrounding it were impenetrable.

And yet, Avoros came here, alone. This level-headed Predecessor Demon Lord famed for his matchless cruelty should know that his chances of obtaining it is very low.

(What are you planning…?)

Then, he became wide-eyed in amazement when he noticed a strange aura being emitted from him. It was an ominous sheathed sword releasing a very dark aura.

(Impossible…why do you have that sword? I….I should have sealed 《Sacrifice》 long ago!)

He was sweating from fear as he couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him. Avoros entered one of the holes with a fearless smile on his face.

(That passage… I knew it, his aim was the 《Core》!)

Due to Cruzer’s personal talent in scouting, he could freely move without hesitation in this place. He even arrived at the place where the 《Core of the Founder Demon Lord》 exists.

So Cruzer was sure that Avoros was definitely heading towards where the 《Core》 is located.

(To think he would use that sword!…… I have to get out of here!)

Cruzer immediately ran back to his residence at full speed and get his things. He must flee from this place as soon as possible…that was his only thoughts as he ran forward.

Avoros hadn’t noticed Cruzer’s presence as he moved his legs quietly to the place he was headed to.

In the middle of his walk, a vast terrain impossible for a cave to posses was spread out before him.

“Ahaha, no matter how I come to this place, this outrageous power never cease to amaze me.”

In front of his presence was a horizon full of floating pale beads that seems to be the 《Core of the Founder Demon Lord》….. Numbering to an amount impossible to count.

“With this kind of amount, it’s really impossible to find it if you look at it one by one.”

Avoros nods many times in rapt admiration of it.

“Although I heard you hid such a tree in a forest, I never expected for you to make the forest as well. I’m really filled with awe you know?….. To this power that’s still alive even though you’re dead. This is…seriously incredible”

Avoros looked around his surrounding. Countless 《Core》’s was spread out infinitely inside the cave. However, among them was the real one. All the other were illusions to hide the body of the real 《Core》.

“Yup. It really is impossible to discern the real thing with my own. If possible I don’t want to use this thing.”

Avoros makes a troubled appearance with his eyebrows as he touched the sheathe from his waist. Both the handle and the sheath were pitch black, but as soon as he slowly took it out, a darkish red aura began to leak from it.

“Now, awaken.”


The chains cracked. And slowly, the blade was exposed from within. However, every time he pulled it out, it made an unpleasant glass-scraping sound. And with a final pull, *bakin, the chains broke as the true appearance of it emerged.


Everyone who saw it would surely find it unbelievable. Well, there’s the scream too as well. Because the blade was bloody red and an eyeball was embedded at the sword’s base. And there’s that ear-splitting scream too. 

“I’ve finally been released! Gegiyagiyagiyaaa!”

“Quiet down please. This an order from your benefactor.”

The eyeball moves and stared at Avoros.

“Hou, and who the hell are you? You’re not that person. But you’re not also an ordinary one if you can release me like that.”

“That person? I don’t know who you might be referring to. But as your new master, let’s get along well, alright?”

“Gegiyagiyagiya! Alright, I’ll accept you. I’m in very good mood right now. If you, my new master will let me enjoy to my heart’s content, I’ll lend you my strength.”

“Oh you will, you see, I’m waging a war. I’m sure you’ll definitely get a lot of that favorite blood you love.”

“Gegiyagiyagiya! Now that’s a treat!”

“Let’s work immediately. 《Sacrifice》, I want you to grant my wish.”

Several thin tubes emerged from the sword and then sticks into the body of Avoros.


As expected of the pain, Avoros frowned.

“Then I’ll gratefully receive it! Your life for starters!”

“Sure, take as much as you want. It’s the compensation for my wish.”

Something fills the tubes from Avoros body as it flowed through the sword. Then, the shape of the sword gradually changed.

The appearance was not of a sword anymore, it was more like a deformed fang of a beast. And Avoros threw it out to the sky.

The fang turned jet-black as it grew bigger.

“Now, devour everything…《Sacrifice》”


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