Chapter 257 – The Decision of The Two

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At 【Xaous】, in one of the rooms of the Demon Lord’s castle, there were two girls facing each other, talking about the contents they heard lately inside the castle.

Those stories they heard were about the attack on 【Beast Kingdom – Pasion】 and the takeover of 【Human Nation – Victorias】 by the Predecessor Demon Lord.

Especially the rumors regarding the individual who withered the national symbol of 【Pasion】, 《The Tree of Beginning – Aragorn》. Both of them had a difficult expression with regards to it.

The first person was Minamoto Shuri, one of the four heroes summoned to this world, 【Edea】. She was a refined individual and was also known in her school as the Yamato Nadeshiko of their class.

(TL Note: Yamato Nadeshiko is a woman who displays the feminine virtues of the medieval Japan)

And her partner was also among the four heroes, Akamori Shinobu. She’s an amiable girl who speaks in Kansai dialect whose character is just like a bundle of curiosity.

“Do you think it’s true?”

Shinobu’s usual expression couldn’t be seen and was covered with a rather clouded one instead.

When they attacked 【Xaous】, they realized their intentions were too naive as they directly experienced the true horrors of war.

At that time, they got separated with Taishi and Chika, but they surrendered themselves to the Demon Lord’s castle by admitting their own errors.

They were resolved for the consequences of their deeds, but the Demon Lord Eveam did not take their lives. And instead, she held them imprisoned inside her castle.

That said, their imprisonment felt more like they were in a house arrest as they were guarantied food, clothing and shelter while being tasked to work under someone’s supervision.

“That Taishi-chi wud do something cruel like t’is…”

The reason why their facial expression were rather dark was due to Taishi’s relation to this matter. Of course, they were both happy to be notified of his safety.

However, when they heard that Taishi was the one who killed the national symbol of 【Pasion】, 《The Tree of Beginning – Aragorn》, their mood turned the other way around.

Shublarz was the one who particularly informed the two of them about Taishi’s deed, however the two couldn’t accept that fact all together as they knew that Taishi would never do such a thing.

So the two went to have a private discussion to uncover the missing link of such rumors.

“But when I asked about it if it was really Taichi-san…it seems to be him”

“Yeah, and based on the testimonies of the witnesses…among the two rebels who sneaked in, one was the hero.”


Indeed, that was their best lead right now. All four of them were heroes, but both of them were aware that Taishi, the male hero was the one recognized by the people as the ‘Hero’.

“T’is very strange… and even if it’s true, why wud he do such a thing…”

“I don’t understand it as well. But, at that time, there was no mention of a woman. Does that mean Chika-san wasn’t on the enemies side?”

“Not sure. But, they said that the companion of Taishi-chi was a subordinate of the Predecessor Demon Lord…”

They heard that it was a beast human named Kokorou. And that he was a direct subordinate of the Predecessor Demon Lord.

“…I hope Chika-san is safe..”

“…same here.”

“But why is Taishi-san…not with Chika-san together? Were they perhaps separated? But even if that’s the case, why would they? I don’t see any reason doing so.”

As Shuri sadly spoke those words with a downcast expression, Shinobu placed a hand on her chin as she brooded regarding that thought.

“Reasons you ask?…… say Shuri-chi, have you heard about the character of the Predecessor Demon Lord?”

“Eh? Y-yes. He’s a very cruel and horrible person.”

“Are you sure that Chika-chi and Taishi-chi would never separate with each other?”

“Yes. They wouldn’t”

“What if…what if Taishi-chi is in a very difficult predicament right now?”

“…what do you mean?”

Shinobu raises a finger and matches her eyes with Shuri quietly.

“What if Taishi is being made to do things against his will?”

As the thought settled in Shuri’s mind, she opened her eyes wide in shock from the realization.

“S-so you are saying that….Chika-san is being held as a hostage?”

“It’s a possibility. Taishi-chi won’t destroy other people’s treasures without any reason.”

“Y-you have a point…but,”

In face of that strange response, Shinobu wondered and asked about it.

“Wat’s wrong?”

“I-it’s nothing…”


Shuri held an appearance as if she was hesitating speaking about it. Shinobu who was inclining her neck in confusion, could only ask further.

“Tell me if you know something else about this.”

“…I understand. While it may be true that Chika-san was made a hostage, why would he go so far to do such a thing?”

Shinobu received the impact of her words and was jaw-dropped as she held a stiffened expression.

“……err, if you ask me, I think it can’t be helped Shuri-chi. Because one of my friends is being held hostage after all.”

“Is that so?”

“W-what’s with that response?”

“Then why didn’t leave anything behind for us?”


“Even if Chika is being held as a hostage or not, he should have left clues! He could at least left a paper written in Japanese or manage to find someone to help us cooperate with each other!”

Even Shinobu who was originally a talkative person, was overwhelmed by the intensity of Shuri’s fast-talking.

“S-Shuri-chi…. I don’t think he can do so much in his situation”

“According to the rumors I heard, Taishi was acting along for a while. I do think he could at least do something at that time!”

“Shuri-chi….are you perhaps angry at him?”

“Of course I am! I’m very angry at Taishi-san! He’s probably thinking it’s all his fault all of this happened that’s why he’s doing all these things by himself! Why won’t he try and rely on us!”


“And because of his selfish actions, it resulted to the destruction of Gabranth’s treasure, and the takeover of the Humas’ capital, 【Victorias】! Doesn’t he realize he is making up more mistakes because of it!”

Shuri shut her eyes and strongly released a deep sigh after. Shinobu who was faced with Shuri’s sentimental speech, could only stare at her, speechless.

“Why would he act alone…aren’t we his comrades too…”

Soon after, stream of tears fell from Shuri’s eyes. Shinobu who was at a loss for words, released a heavy sigh as she heard her friend’s lamentations.

“…I agree, it’s as you say Shuri-chi. Even if Taishi-chi is doing such things for the sake of Chika-chi, and also as one of the heroes, he is helping the Predecessor Demon Lord’s world conquest… I don’t agree with that too.”

Shinobu made a bitter smile as she moved her legs towards the window.

“But, even we are in a similar position like Taishi-chi, we are under house arrest in this castle”

“But that’s…”

“I know that, but we should do something, if we leave them as it is, those two would really fall into something they can’t go back.”


When Shuri wiped the tears on her eyes, she turned her gaze to Shinobu. Shinobu’s gaze remained at the window, looking outside where there’s a clear sky shown.

“I believe we should stop Taishi-chi’s actions by ourselves…but how can we do that while we are in house arrest?”


“Say Shuri-chi, I heard this from Shublarz-san awhile ago…”

“What was it?”

“We have free rights to do anything while on house arrest.”

“I see.”

“But she said we can do that if we lend them our assistance.”

She heard from Shublarz that she couldn’t bring herself to confine them any longer with such a situation brought up. So she told them if they were willing to work for the country, they would be given rights to go out.

It’s certainly true that they are heroes who had invaded this country, so it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that they couldn’t do much inside the castle.

But, they haven’t hurt anyone from the 『Evila』. Thus, in order to solve their social standpoints, they were given free restrictions this way.

So if their intentions were aligned with the nation, and will therefore accept and lend their assistance for the country, or better, for the world, Eveam would allow them to go out.

“I have always been thinking what I could do when I heard about Taishi’s rumors…”


“Shuri-chi, I will enter the army.”

“The army? But Shublarz-san didn’t mention it had to be the army right?”

Then, Shinobu shakes her head and raised her index finger.

“That’s too naive Shuri-chi. If you enter the army, there’s a high probability you can enter the front where the battle occurs you know?”

“That’s true”

“Shublarz said that the Predecessor Demon Lord was declaring war against the world. It’s highly possible that this country would be involved in that fight.”


“So if that war really occurs, if Taishi-chi is really on the Predecessor Demon Lord’s side, surely he would appear too right?”


That was the entire point, if one was going to fight against the Predecessor Demon Lord who is trying to bring up the war, there was a high possibility that those who were in the army would likely face them first.

Then, it would become possible to encounter Taishi and wake the sense out of him. They would also find a way to save Chika who was probably held hostage as well.

Rather than moving covertly by the two of them, those who belong to an army of a big country will receive the latest national reports, and possibly news about Chika and Taishi, which they could save before the war breaks out.

“B-but will that even work?”

“I’m not really sure.”


Shuri was amazed at Shinobu’s instant denial of it.

“That’s possible, ‘cuz we might be sent out to the many places of the world, we might even die before we can do our objective.”


Shuri knew her words were not wrong as she was at a loss for words to respond.

“But, it’s certainly better than moving with just the two of us. And besides…”

Shinobu smiles a little.

“I don’t hate the people in here. How do I say it, it’s more warm in here compared to 【Victorias】”

“I agree with that. And the Present Demon Lord right now is a good person.”

“Ahaha! I agree. Even though she’s the leader of this nation, she comes in here and invites us to eat tea cakes with her. So different than a certain King we know of.”

“And the way she talks was that of an ordinary girl.”

“Yeah, that’s why we shouldn’t give up. We should fight and achieve our objective. We won’t succumb to our defeat.”

When Shinobu makes a strong expression with her eyes to Shuri, she also looked back similarly with the same vigor.

“Let’s become stronger, Shuri-chi. In order to save those two!”


The bonds of the two people have deepened further. However, they have not known yet. That when they reunited with Taishi, they would taste the true desperation ruled by sadness and suffering….


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      • Well, it took them forever to figure out why their friend would do something so un-herolike.
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