Chapter 255 – Marquis’ Visit

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At the time Judom was trying to overcome from being cornered by the dead while carrying Farah’s body, a woman stepped in and helped them. That woman back then was the one on their doorsteps right now.

This beautiful woman possessed a dark blue hair tied in a ponytail, a figure one would make a woman jealous to have, and a beauty that could captivate any other man in the world.

After she saved Judom, he asked to return the gratitude to her, but the woman only said that she would meet them again once Farah had woken up, and left without saying another word.

But even if Farah would wake up one day, how would she know where and what place were they residing? Because even Judom didn’t know where to go since that day.

But here she came, uninvited. Moreover, she came shortly after Farah woke up.

“First of all, I would like to greet you a well-deserved good morning, Princess Farah.”

She approached Farah and lightly bowed in front of her.

“That way of speaking, you knew this girl was a royal princess?”

“I do. I also live in 【Victorias】 after all.”

“In this country? …. I find it hard to believe.”

It wouldn’t be strange for a beauty like herself to be rumored amongst the people. For Judom who had lived in this country for a decade, such rumor should have reached his ears.

“You don’t have to cautious about me. I saved you both because….I just felt like doing so.”

He could only express a bitter smile with regards to her statement and inquired her further.

“We are really grateful for saving us back then. But who in the world are you?”

“I don’t mind answering that question, but I must ask you not to get surprised by it, is that alright?”

At the mention of her words, Judom glanced at the elder besides Farah, and they both nodded.

“…you have my word”

The woman grabbed a book from the bag tied on her waist, and handed it to Judom.

“Isn’t this….the 《Adventure of Tinkleweikl》?”

“Ah, I also know that book. My mother used to read me this story when I go to bed”

“Same here. I once read it when I was a child. It was a sad story, but I could somehow relate myself in the story.”

“I agree. The author of the book wrote a very heartfelt story”


(TL Note: I’ve used XCrossJ’s translation of 《ティンクルヴァイクルの冒険》 in chapter 58)

While Judom and Farah were reminiscing their impressions about the book,

“Oh my~, if you praise it to such an extent, even I couldn’t help but get embarrassed about it.”

“Eh? What are you talking about? We’re praising the author of this book you know?”

“I know, that’s why I feel embarrassed about it. Because that book is my work after all.”


“H-haaaaah!? W-what did you just say!?”

Judom was too surprised that he asked her in a loud voice while Fara and the elder had hardened in their place as if they saw something out of their dreams.

However, the woman didn’t stop smiling.

“Like I said. I’m the author of that book.”

“No way! You’re too young to be the author! I read that when I was a kid! A KID! We’re talking about 30 years or more! A-and besides, old man, when have you first read this book?”

When Judom asked the elder, the person returned it with a nod.

“Let me see. It was probably more than 50 years ago.”

“See! 50 years! No matter how I see it, you are at least….in your twenties…”

Then, Judom began to stare at the woman quietly.

“…don’t tell me, you aren’t a human?”

At the mention of those words, Farah made an expression as if she wanted to ask the same question. The life span of a 『Gabranth』 and 『Evila』 were certainly longer compared to that of a human being.

“But your physical outlook is exactly like a human…..are you a Half then?”

He couldn’t find an ear or a tail of a 『Gabranth』 nor could he find a horn or traces of wings on her like that of an 『Evila』

That’s why, he judged that the woman was a Half-human. If so, even if she was apparently a 『Humas』 appearance-wise, if the blood of another race flows into her veins, then that explains her long life.

However, the woman shook her head.

“No, I’m a genuine 『Humas』”




“Let’s just say I’m a human being with a slightly different disposition”

The smile she expressed was not the usual but was a fragile one mixed with sorrow and loneliness.

“…so what you mean to say is that you have a longer lifespan compared to us normal human beings? I see, then I won’t bother inquiring further”

Judom felt like he was about to step into something he shouldn’t know, so he decided not to pursue about the topic of her race.

“…you really are a kind man.”

The woman felt Judom’s anxiety and expressed a gentle smile towards him.

“But how do I say it. Even though you are my senior, your appearance doesn’t seem to be. Please pardon me for the honorifics.”

“Ufufu, sure. You have my permission.”

The woman beamed a delighted smile like how a usual girl would smile. It seems this woman carries something far complicated deep inside, but Judom thought not to inquire further than this.

“Let me properly introduce myself once again. My name is Marquis. Marquis Bluenote.”

“To think I would meet the well-known 《Faceless Author》 Marquis-dono… this long life of mine sure was worth it.”

Although the elder was praising the woman,

“P-please stop with that. I’m not a God. B-beside I’m not very fond of that nickname.”

“We can’t help it you know? No one exactly knows who or what Marquis looks like. I’ve heard that those books donated at the bookstores and libraries were reprinted again and distributed to the market.” (Judom)

“T-that’s because I do not write for money. I’m glad though that many people are reading my book…”

“But that’s also the reason why we only know the name of the author. Thus, 《Faceless Author》”(Judom)


As if to show her discontent towards that name, she dropped her shoulders in disappointment.

“Anyway, enough about. Still remember what you said to us back then?”

“…back then?”

“The time when you saved us.”


“First, I understand that you just saved us on a whim. I won’t bother about it for now. What I do want to know is how did you find this place and where have you heard that Farah had woken up?”

While Judom screwed up one of his eyes as he asked this on Marquis which the latter returned it with a smile.

“And if I tell you I was just passing by around here?”

“That’s possible, I told my subordinates to let you in once you came.”

“That seems to be. I wouldn’t have gotten here easily if it wasn’t”

Judom had informed his subordinates guarding the shed about her appearance, and instructed them to let her pass once she arrived.

“That’s why you guys, go back to work.”

When Judom said so, they could hear panicked footsteps leaving somewhere behind the door Marquis entered awhile ago.

“Those guys…good grief”

“Ufufu, that’s natural. Because they were cautious about me and followed me until here.”

Even though he could do something about it by himself if trouble came up, but Judom didn’t say it.

“Well, they were probably curious as to why is a beautiful woman like yourself wants to get close to me?”

“Ara? That’s quite an honor. For the companions of the 《Impact King》 to think of me in such a way.”

Marquis made a glad-looking expression in face of his words.

“Anyway, enough about them, let’s go back to what I…”

“You are wondering how I knew of this place, am I right? And also, how I knew that Princess Farah had woken up… that’s because I foresaw where you would likely go. Does this suffice as an answer?”

“….Huh? What do you mean by that?”

Judom inclined his neck as if to show his lack of understanding regarding her spoken words.

“It’s as she says Judom.”

The elder opened his mouth while quietly watching Marquis.

“What do you mean, old man?”

“Haven’t Maquis-dono said it awhile ago? She foresaw it.”

“W-wait a minute…don’t tell me..”

“It’s as you think. This woman is a clairvoyant.”


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  1. thanks for the chapter~
    I really do think this clairvoyant is the fortune teller at the beginning….was it already confirmed or not? my only doubt is that the fortune teller appeared as an old lady and this one outwardly looks young.


  2. Like in war before, I skip alot of chap about war except when Hiiro come in story. Cause other chara have normal route. So, we will know how it end, different with Hiiro where we don’t know where it will go
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  3. Thanks for your work.

    I know that you are using xcrossx’s romanization, but I believe that “Tinkleweikl” fits better (the ティンクル part id the same “tinkle” as in “Tinklebell”, while the ヴァイクル part seems to be the katakana for “Weikl”, no separation between words, which would be either an interpunct ・ or a double hyphen ゠).

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  4. Ufu. UFufufufufu. Finally a proper woman will join the harem. And lul. Its a woman that Hiiro would have an interest in first. Lul. Lol xD.
    CAUES ITS HIIRO. He probably read her books lol


    • He did, during his stay at the were-bear village or on the road to passion just after that. There is a summary of the book, and with what we learned for Marquis’ discussion with the “template maou” plus her own words when meeting hiiro (him not being the first word traveler she saw) I’m not sure it is a fiction and not what really happened to the previous hero. Which would mean that the corrupted part of word magics description in hiiro’s status is the end of the book, that it was first discovered by the previous hero after is resurrection (the summary says he resurrected himself but I bet it was one of the pheom, after all the Queen as a resurrection spell for exemple).

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