Chapter 198 – Praise to the Hero

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I was watching Tomorrowland yesterday when I realized that I forgot to finish this chapter. That movie was really mind blowing.

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“I’m glad… I’m so glad you’re safe…”

The fight struck terror inside of Eveam. Considering the fact that Hiiro is a 『Humas』, the said person shouldn’t have any reason to participate in this duel.

And yet, Hiiro —even though he was commissioned by 『Evila』— desperately fought to the point that it became a near-death battle, and snatched victory in the duel.

For that matter however, Eveam was so scared by the prospect of Hiiro dying. Though it was true that she had rolled Hiiro in her matters quite often than not, never had she wanted nor forsake him to die.

Even if she believed in Hiiro, just the thought of him getting wounded on the chest, made her brittle chest be crushed from nervousness so many times. She wanted him to win….that itself was quite obvious, but her wish of wanting Hiiro to return safely was far more stronger.

Hiiro did came back safely in the end. What’s more, he obtained the best possible present for 『Evila』, his victory. And no one in the world wouldn’t be any happier than that.

Which was why, when Hiiro returns Eveam decided to receive him with a cheerful welcome, and express her gratitude before anyone else.

However, once Eveam saw Hiiro’s exhausted body, she couldn’t help but embrace him closely. She was so relieved from the bottom of her heart the moment his warmth flowed directly within her outstretched arms.

Though at first he was desperately trying to free from her embrace, his struggle eventually died down, and put both his hands in surrender.

And then, he spoke, not in his irritated tone moments ago, but his usual flat tone of voice.

“Once you’re satisfied, please release me. It’s a little painful.”

Upon saying that, only then did Eveam notice how tight she was embracing Hiiro, and thereupon separated herself from Hiiro, which caused her however into staring at Hiiro’s profile up close….


Though Hiiro indifferently looked at her with narrowed eyes, Eveam face became hot in an instant as steam came out of her face.

“N~ Her Majesty is really daring.”

Hearing Shublarz’s teasing voice, she became flustered in full embarrassment. Only then did she finally understood what have she done,

“Ah, t-t-this is a misunderstanding! I-i’m just expressing my gratitude to him!”

“Hee~ is that really so Her Majesty? Hugging a gentleman just to express their gratitude, that’s my first time hearing it~.”

“T-t-t-t-that’s not true! I-i’m not a woman who’ll ever do such things to anyone!”

“Fufu~ I see. So that means Hiiro-kun is S~P~E~C~I~A~L, right?”


Following that, she looked back at Hiiro, staring directly into his eyes. Her mind was in a complete mess, and she couldn’t settle herself down. It was as if a festival was happening inside her head.

“Aaaaaaaaa! I want to return back to the castleeeeeeee!”

Eveam crouched down on her knees, her face covered with both her hands.


Hiiro inadvertently raised his eyebrows from Eveam sudden nonsensical actions.

(What the hell is she doing this time?)

On the other side, Shublarz was smiling as if she’s enjoying Eveam’s dilemma. Marione and Ornoth shook their head in disbelief for what has unfolded.

That said,

“Isn’t this fine now Silva! Let me give that lass a piece of her mind! I will turn her into a lifelike doll using my magic!”

“Nofofofofo! I won’t allow such pranks to happen ojousama.”

Upon the little girl blurting such disturbing things, the Hentai tightly embraced the said little girl enjoying it with a blush on his cheek.

Meanwhile, his apprentice was still rolling on the ground screaming in pain, his bird pet clinging to Shamoe in tears, and that Shamoe panicking, “Fueeeeee! What should I do! ”

(Wh…..why does such people gather in my surrounding….?)

Unintentionally he leaked a sigh, time would be wasted if this situation continue as it is.

“Oi, what will you do now after this?”

As he said so in a rather bad mood, Eveam —even though her cheeks was flushed red from embarrassment— coughed and answered him,

“Ah, that’s right, Hiiro let me say this first to you.”


Taking a step back, Eveam bowed to Hiiro.

“Thank you so much Hiiro, I’m really…really glad for what you’ve done!”

Then, the people in that place began to also bow one after another. Even that aggressive Marione, behaved modestly as he also did so.

“If you understand that much, then show it to me through your actions. If you keep your promise, I’ll gladly accept your gratitude.”

“………fufu, Hiiro is really Hiiro after all.”

In that moment, Eveam expressed a gentle smile. And, when her expression turned serious at once,

“I will face the Beast King right this instant. There, we will decide what would happen after this.”

That said, when they turned to Leowald’s direction, the treatment seemed to have ended apparently as they saw his upper body raised.


After Leowald was revitalized by Hiiro’s 《Word Magic》, he woke after a little while, and saw the faces of his family worriedly looking at him.

“…..I see, so I was defeated, huh?”

Leowald remembered everything.

He exhaled a big breath. Though Leowald could consent that he lost while he gambled his everything on it, there was something he felt uneasy about.

Why was his body slightly in pain? He brought out all his strength with the resolve to die, and even remembered receiving Hiiro’s mighty blow to his body. Leowald thought he received a large wound that time as his physical strength faded from him in that one strike.

And yet, the wide wound that he thought was there, and the heavy load that should have wearied his muscles, most of the damage he surely sustained from the battle had almost healed to normal.

To that perplexed expression of Leowald, Rarashik opened her mouth.

“Leo-sama, you got another debt from that youngster.”

Everything clicked in place just from those words alone.

“….I see, I seemed to have yet again increased my debt.”

When Leowald saw the tear stricken faces of Kukulia, and Mimiru, he understood that his condition was nearing death’s door. But for Hiiro to have mercy on me….that’s

“Hm? Mercy? …. say Rara, did that fellow say anything to me?”

“He did, ‘this is considered a loan’ he says.”

Indeed, Hiiro didn’t help him out of mercy. Naturally, Hiiro wouldn’t bother to do such a thing, he just declared it firmly as a debt to him.

Also, he seemed to have wagered something before the fight began. Hiiro had also said that his reward was considered a loan that time as well.

“Haa, so it’s two debts, huh?”

As he thought of his consequences, he unconsciously leaked a sigh. His consciousness seemed to have returned to normal, so he raised his upper body upright. Though Leowald still felt a little pain, he faced in one look all of his people.

“Leo-sama, shouldn’t you tell your children whether your condition is safe or not?”

Rarashik was correct. The heartache his family bore who heard about his death might have been too much for them.

And concerning the result, even though he lost, everyone was all safe and sound. While he’s still unable to bow, just showing his sincerity was enough for this.

“Everyone…. I’m really sorry.”

As their ruler and as the person whom they all entrusted their future, he was not able to carry out their expectations.

“I was not able to snatch victory to our race. Although it’s a bit hard to accept it, after this 『Evila』 will likely claim 『Pacion』 as their territory….”

“We won’t take your territory Beast King.”

In that moment, the Demon King and people of 『Evila』 showed up.


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    • To be fair, the previous demon lords, especially the last one, Avoros, really shoved the Evila’s reputation into the gutters from Humas and Gabranth perspectives.


    • Nicknames just sound better in romanji usually, besides mentor is more akin to an advisor. Shishou translates more directly to master, but that conflicts with Mikazuki calling Hiiro master. In all honesty it should be written by what sound the best, but that’s what your poll is for, figuring it out.


    • To be honest, concerning the poll, I think most names(for things and for nicknames) should be in english, EXCEPT for a few exeptions(such as Shishou and Maou).

      Firstly, “maou” is gender neutral, so gender isn’t a requirement, and saying Demon King or Demon Queen implies that the other exists as well.

      Secondly, “Shishou” can be translated in multiple different manners, and “mentor” is only one of them. And in this case, “mentor”, “teacher”, and “master” are all correct translations for “Shishou” when it comes down to the relationship between Hiiro and Nikki. Also, I don’t know if English is your first language or not, but Nikki yelling “Mentor!” just feels weird. It’s not a word used to call someone in English. It’s instead normally used to described a function rather than being possible to use as a nickname(even though it is sometimes used that way, it’s very rare).

      Thirdly, in most other cases, I think it would be better to use the English version(such as Blue Ribbon over Ao Ribbon since not everyone knows that Ao is the word for Blue in Japanese).

      Finally, another good possibility to make everyone happy would be to just put both the English and Japanese Romanji versions in the text(with one of the two in parenthesis).


      • I’ve always translated in the same way as the you have kindly suggested me. (except for the Mentor part.)

        Indeed, it’s better for Shishou. But when compared to Goshujin. Translation becomes confusing as those words are alike. That’s why I made a distinction on my former translation using Master and Mentor in English. Though it doesn’t seem that people like it.

        I’ve tried to translate all the terms as English as possible. Don’t fret if it’s a bit unusual for I find it the same way as you do.

        That said, I guess it’s not possible to translate everything into English. So I’ll probably compromise for the the Mentor part. Hence, the poll.

        Aside from that. I don’t think I’ll be mending my ways in translating KnW.

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      • I see, I had forgotten about the Goshujin issue… That one is indeed tricky.

        As for what my opinion is on the subject, if it was up to me, I suppose I would just use “master” for both(leaving the context give different connotation to each). Or, I might just keep the “Master” for the cases where it’s more obvious(such as when said by a disciple) while I would do things a bit differently for “goshujin” if the context doesn’t seem to be enough to figure it out(such as writing master as well as goshujin, with one of the two being in parenthesis).

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    • Oh, and here are a few other examples.

      In English, we normally don’t call someone “Teacher” since it’s a function more so than a title(but we can use it to refer to someone, we just don’t really use it to call that person when in front of him/her). On the other hand, we can use the term “Professor” to call directly to someone since it IS a title. This is the same thing that happens when it comes down to “Mentor”, as it is similar to the term “teacher” in that it describes the function rather than a title. And just like someone else mentioned in another comment above, “advisor” is another case(like “professor”) that is both function and title(even though “advisor” doesn’t apply for the relationship between Hiiro and Nikki”).

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    • Oh, I forgot to mention something. The capital of the Gabranth shouldn’t be “pacion”. It should be “Passion.” The reason for that is that it was chosen by the author for the meaning of that core aspect of the Gabranth species, their passion.

      Then again, I suppose it could be equally argued that the name should be “Pacion” as a pun of the term “passion.” I however disagree.

      Also, パシオン in romanji isn’t “pasion” nor “pacion”, it’s “pashion”(since シ is pronounced “shi”, while “si” doesn’t exist in Japanese.)

      As well, when the English word “passion” is said/written in Japanese(when not translated), it is usually written in Katakana as パシオン. Japanese people often include words of other languages to their informal vocabulary due to it sounding more exotic/different/interesting/etc, and in such cases, it is written in Katakana.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    I believe that all those “starring” should be “staring”, from “stare” (to look fixedly). What you wrote comes from “star” (to play an important role in a theatrical play, TV show or movie).


  2. Voting on those choices was tough. I wasn’t going to but then I saw your comment >_>. I don’t understand the difference between the two so I thought you should just do what is easiest for you. By the way, there is no donate box I could find. Is it not possible? Oh, I like the background too. It’s fun to try to match the eyes in between the navigation and title chapter. Anyway, that’s a lot for picking up this series and I appreciate the effort.


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