Chapter 275 – The Different Faces of Red Loli

Hello everyone. It seems you guys maybe have been right. Chapters will be released sporadic. Thanks for waiting. Here’s chapter 275


TL: meteorsan

TLC: Anri-sama

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Good news?

I believed some have read that I will going hiatus for 3 months. That’s true. Reasons? My free time can’t keep with my current schedule from work. The project I’m working on may last 3 months maximum which is why I took a hiatus for a bit. I know this move may hit my motivation big time. But fret not, because I have brought you good news? (Is the question mark really necessary? Haha)

I found a willing slave translator who would like to help KnW. His name is emperor-san from Rebirth Online World. He’s going to be the translator for the meantime while I TLC his work.

The output of our translation is 3 chapters a month. In other words, a weekly chapter. I will be posting links of his translation upon completion.

Chapter 275 is already done by the way. We will post it by today or tomorrow.

Update: Running Slowly

Apologies for the delay. These last 2 weeks were filled with so many activities that I hadn’t have much time to translate. Unfortunately, I still can’t right now. 

Translation will resume on July 1. If anyone couldn’t wait, feel free to translate the next chapter. But I haven’t dropped this project yet. Thanks for understanding. 

Update: Konjiki Apocalypse

I have received a lot of alarming comments regarding the missing links for the previously translated chapters of Konjiki no Moji Tsukai. 

I’ll be cooperating with Kiriko from Kiriko translations in restoring all those missing links. For now, just stay put. 

As for Chapter 272, I’ll post it by Wednesday. 

Chapter 271 – Unforseen Accident?

Quota reached! Here’s the chapter for this week!

Anyway, it’s a free fan service for the Eveam Fans. (As if I care. Boo)

This chapter is a bit short. 4 pages actually. So I felt like finishing it today instead of putting for next week’s load.

That said, enjoy Chapter 271! Chapter 272 to 274 is the continuation of this freebie. (Tsk)

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