Sorry. I forgot to notify everyone about this.

No chapter/s this week. (Jan 9-15)

I’m a bit busy with a lot of things.

I can assure you though that translation will resume next week. (Jan 16-22)

Chapter 235 – Connection of Hiiro and Zangeki

This was chapter was supposed to be released on January 4, but got delayed because I was reading this novel.

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?

It was definitely good. The narration was so good as well. Cheers for the author and the translator of it.

Now then. I don’t have much to say on this chapter. I do want to give Hiiro the title |Sermon Master|

Anyway, enjoy Chapter 235.

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Chapter 233 – Gathering of Hiiro’s Party

H-hello, Advance Happy New Year again.

I wonder what did I drink? Before I knew it I finished another chapter today.

Ah! But it’s not because I have nothing to do today, alright!

Now then, I suppose a few words from me.

I’m troubled by the usage of the name Hime. At Aerosol’s translation, he used it as the noun princess. However, it doesn’t feel right to me. So I will be using Hime as a name itself.

With that said, here you go.

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Popularity Vote Ranking Result Announcement Rev. Edition

Long time no see. I didn’t expect I have to take this project again sooner. But seeing how the trend of the project is going down hill, I couldn’t help give a helping again.

There are a lot of things you want to ask, a lot of things I want to say. Let me say it in here very briefly.

Me first, alright?

Anri-sama is very sorry that she had left the project without updating anyone what happened. Reasons are obviously RL, but I’m also at fault for irresponsibly leaving without any notifications. 

I’m very grateful to AeRoSol31 (Aero, for convenience sake) who had continued where I have…yeah, slacked off (ouch). Although I’m glad someone decided to pick it up after months of inactivity, I’m also disappointed to myself for somehow passing it to him forcibly without any help or guidance.

Lessons learned? At least have another translator who can fill the gaps when the other is busy. So I decided to invite a collaboration with Aero, however, it seems the person is also in the midst of a critical event of his RL. I hope he can come back, Anri-sama can’t do it alone. (Or else I disappear again. Kidding. But very likely if no one would help.) For now, I’ll do what I can. 

Now then, I suppose there are things first that must be put in order. I learned that promising a bulk release is too hard to accomplish. I realized it the hard way because translating chapter by chapter without break will seriously break me, especially my motivation to do it freely. So I will vow in here that I’ll return to my usual pace, once chapter at a time release policy. 

For the release dates, as usual it’s not going to be every day like before, I have my own problems in RL, so that’s a serious “no”. I won’t also be saying when would the next chapter be. And I won’t promise any bulk release anymore. I don’t want expectations riding on me when I have a lot of expectations I’m carrying to fulfill in my RL.

Since this is my first time translating again, I will see first what kind of pace will I be making before I can give you some heads up on how many chapters I can post in a week.

Right now, I translated the chapter after Aero’s recent post. The Popularity Vote Chapter was what caught my attention. So I’m going to retranslate it. (Krud-san, thank you for translating this.)

I needed to know if my skills have become rusty or not before I proceed in translating the main chapters. So here you have it, have fun.

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Chapter 205 – Warning for Hiiro

Hey, it’s been a long time. Sorry if I hadn’t translated anything in this past week. I was enjoying my long weekend vacation. And now that’s back to normal – sigh – I don’t even want to talk about it anymore.

Anyway, here’s Chapter 205. Here – in my opinion – this chapter hints about Hiiro’s past trauma.

Silva just jumped up as my favorite character in this series.

Alright. Enough said. Enjoy.
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