Update: Running Slowly

Apologies for the delay. These last 2 weeks were filled with so many activities that I hadn’t have much time to translate. Unfortunately, I still can’t right now. 

Translation will resume on July 1. If anyone couldn’t wait, feel free to translate the next chapter. But I haven’t dropped this project yet. Thanks for understanding. 

Update: Konjiki Apocalypse

I have received a lot of alarming comments regarding the missing links for the previously translated chapters of Konjiki no Moji Tsukai. 

I’ll be cooperating with Kiriko from Kiriko translations in restoring all those missing links. For now, just stay put. 

As for Chapter 272, I’ll post it by Wednesday. 

Chapter 271 – Unforseen Accident?

Quota reached! Here’s the chapter for this week!

Anyway, it’s a free fan service for the Eveam Fans. (As if I care. Boo)

This chapter is a bit short. 4 pages actually. So I felt like finishing it today instead of putting for next week’s load.

That said, enjoy Chapter 271! Chapter 272 to 274 is the continuation of this freebie. (Tsk)

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Update: Apologies

Hi there. Apologies for the late update. Unfornately, I was only able to finish translating chapter 270 at 50% completion. My room was being renovated last Saturday until the end of Sunday which is why I couldn’t finish chapter 270 this week. I’ll try to squeeze some time for it this weekdays and see if I can manage to translate one more chapter. 

On another note, I’m still in the midst of saving a brand new laptop. So please understand if my translations are taking awhile. A smartphone can only do so much. So once again, gomenasai. 

Chapter 269 – Before the Separation

Hey there! I’m back! T’is I, Anri, the sweet and lovely me. *wink*

Anyway, I apologize if it was a day late. I was a bit busy with some personal stuffs.

With that said, here is the weekly chapter of Hiiro! This time, instead of Liliyn, we get the Gabranth Royalty!

Next chapter/s, would be for the Eveam fanatics! 

Enjoy Chapter 269.

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