Update: Running Slowly

Apologies for the delay. These last 2 weeks were filled with so many activities that I hadn’t have much time to translate. Unfortunately, I still can’t right now. 

Translation will resume on July 1. If anyone couldn’t wait, feel free to translate the next chapter. But I haven’t dropped this project yet. Thanks for understanding. 


15 thoughts on “Update: Running Slowly

  1. Since u r doing this for free(as a hobby), we have no right to complain about it.
    Just don’t overwork urself, Anri-sama.It is okay to wait a week more or two. It is already cool to hear that u didn’t drop this project.


  2. Don’t worry Anri-sama. We will be waiting patiently for the next chapter, we were just worried because we haven’t heard from you for a while. Thanks for all the translation you have done!!!!


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