Chapter 275 – The Different Faces of Red Loli

Hello everyone. It seems you guys maybe have been right. Chapters will be released sporadic. Thanks for waiting. Here’s chapter 275


TL: meteorsan

TLC: Anri-sama

After parting with Shurii and the others, Hiiro returned to the guest room, where he was constantly pestered by “what happened” questions from “Lililyn.

Even though she was unrelated to the matter, she made a face as if it was her own problem. Hiiro couldn’t understand the reason to it. .


Lililyn puffed up her cheeks and started to sulk on the bed as a result of Hiiro’s ‘no answer’ to all of her questions.

“……….haa, Liliyn-chan has it quite difficult.”

As usual he couldn’t understand the meaning behind Tenn’s mutterings.Or rather, isn’t it he who is having a terrible time in here right now?

“Ah, Hiiro have you told Liliyn-chan about that?”

“That? ……….aa, now that you mention it.”

He understood what Tenn meant, and so he told her about the events that transpired.

The conversation with the beast king, the matter about [Paradise]. And also about the part that he asked for the [Vararu Wilderness] from the Beast-kins.

Upon hearing all of these, Liliyn’s supposedly angry expression turned into that of surprise.

“……..N? What happened Red Loli?”

But Liliyn didn’t respond, instead she frowned with her eyebrows knitted while deep in thought.

“Nofofofofo! As expected of Hiiro-sama! Raising one’s expectation before dropping them is a book tactic, but who could have expected that you’d raise it to the utmost limit then drop it down all so suddenly…. Splendid performance, Hiiro-sama”

As usual, Silva seems to be enjoying this, but he still can’t grasp what that guy’s saying. While scratching his head, Hiiro meets Liliyn’s gaze.

But Liliyn immediately turned her head away at a tremendous speed.

(….ha? What’s her problem this time?)

While he kept gazing, steam started to rise from her head. She shyly glanced in his direction again, and upon matching gazes with him, her face started to get red and then raised a finger towards him

“Wa,Wa wa wa wa wa what are you looking at, you bastard!”

“Who cares about that…g-”

‘Going back to what I was saying’, was what Hiiro wanted to say when he cut it off short the moment he noticed Liliyn’s flushed red complexion.

“You, why don’t you go to bed if you’re feeling ill?”

“Nofofofo! That’s not what happened Hiiro-sama, Milady is extremely happy that Hiiro-sama went so far for her sake, you can see the happiness being expressed from her face can’t bugeh!?”

A destructive sound resounded from Silva’s face. Of course the cause of it was Liliyn who punched him at a speed that was invisible to the naked eye. Silva was blasted off while he spun multiple time before he crashed into the wall. And Shamoe freaked out with her usual “Fueeee!”

Nikki was “As expected of Liliyn-dono! A magnificent Power punch!” said with respect in her words, while Mikadzuki was laughing as if this was interesting situation.

Cruzer’s cheeks were twitching at the side while everyone turned to look at Silva who was submerged in the wall.

(Ha, it looks like an everyday phenomenon)

Hiiro felt a sense of relief as he saw the nostalgic sight of his comrades after a long time.

“…..N? What caused you to be so shy that it caused your face to turn completely red? Did you see something embarrassing?”

“D do do do do do do don’t say such stupid things! Th-th-th-th-th-th there is no way -th-th-th-th that i would be embarrassed!”

“……….Is that so? Then i guess i shouldn’t worry too much”

“Y-you should be worried a little about me you idiot!”

Hiiro felt an inexplicable urge to shout “what do you want me to do, then?”, but he understood that this topic would keep on going therefore he didn’t say anything more, and continued the story from where they left off

“Anyways, Beast king said that he would like to talk to you about this. Particularly about [Paradise] in detail”

“I-is that so, I understand.”

Thinking that he had said what was needed to say to them, Hiiro turned on his heel when,

“Wh-where are you going?”

“I am going to go speak with Maou. There’s lot to talk about after all. ”

“Wh-what!? You’re going to go speak to the De-Demon Lord alone again!”

“…….No, it won’t be just the two of us……..if i remember correctly even the Moustache Baron will be present for the talk.”

“I-is th-that so? B-But still…….”

She seemed to be thinking about something quite extensively while biting her lower lip, Hiiro wondered what she was thinking about so hard…….

When suddenly she turned her face around and pointed her fingers at him.

“ALRIGHT! I shall also accompany you!”


“Li-like i said, I shall go with you! O-Or is it that you don’t want me to come with you?!”

Like a frustrated puppy she continued to stare at him for a little while.

“No, I think it’s alright?”

Since the Demon Lord is the one who decides who to enter her office. And because the Demon Lord is that Eveam, Hiiro doesn’t think she would forbid Liliyn’s participation.

“You guys wait here.”

He couldn’t bring all of them over there so he asked them to remain here.

“I shall go with you Hiiro!”

Tenn said so and jumped onto his shoulder, there might not be any problems in case of small animals as well.

“Even me…….here?”

Camus asked with a lonely feeling mixed in his voice.

“Yeah, since it will take a while why don’t you tell them of what happened with those fellows in [Passion]? Look, can’t you see those eyes who want to hear about it? ”

As Hiiro said so, he pointed towards them. In that direction of Nikki and Mikazuki whose eyes were shining with sparkle in them.


Camus seems to get along well with the two as he easily consented to Hiiro’s words..

When Hiiro tried to leave the room, his clothes were pulled. He knew this feeling, but he was a little surprised since the person pulling it was Liliyn.



Hiiro watched her as her cheeks started to dye red while she hesitantly fidgeted with upturned eyes .

“……Tha-thanks, you have my gratitude……Hiiro”


“Th-Thank you……”

She seems to be thanking him on the matter of [Paradise].

(If she always behaved like that, it would actually be cute……)

Hiiro lightly tapped on her shoulders.

“Don’t mind it, I did it since it was for my purpose after all.”

“Wha! Y-y-you still would go to such extents for me…….”

Although he did not move solely for Liliyn, Hiiro moved his legs and remained silent as it would only deteriorate her mood if he tried to deny her

“Alright let’s go quickly”

“Ah, w-wait you idiot!”

The two of them reached the office of the current Demon Lord Eveam.

“Oo, Liliyn-dono has come as well.”

When they entered the office, they saw Eveam, Aquinas and Marione. Liliyn, upon seeing Eveam’s face, she murmured, “Tsk, she’s awfully in a good mood. That stupid Hiiro did something unnecessary again…”, and as for Hiiro, he decided to ignore her mutter as it felt troublesome to deal with.

Somehow the matter about her appearance in a bath towel seems to have not been brought up, Hiiro felt relieved as it did not leave much after-trouble. For some reason however, every time his gaze matches with Eveam, her cheeks would turn red and avert her eyes immediately from him, but it was better than being noisy.

“And so? What did you want to talk about?”

And so Hiiro asked about regarding the movements of the Predecessor Demon Lord

“Umu, that is right. The truth is the Predecessor Demon Lord seems to be on the move”


Hiiro heard from Eveam that the cave that Cruzer previously lived in [Shanjuumon Cave] collapsed. And the <Core of the Founder Demon Lord> was also stolen.

The contents of the previous meeting with Aquinas and Cruzer’s story were also discussed in the meeting.

“Heh, the <Devil>……that’s quite interesting.”

“I-Interesting you say! Are you an Idiot!”

Marione was offended due to those words and bellowed in anger.

“It’s the  <Devil> you know! It’s an existence that wishes to destroy the world! What do you think is interesting in that!”

“Even if you say that. As a Reading-Maniac who lived in a Fantasy-free world, these kind of things peeks my interest.

For Hiiro who have read tons of light novel in his previous world, there’s no way he wouldn’t be interested when otherworldly existences such as the <Devil> are mentioned.

Even if it is people such as Hiiro who has become accustomed to a sword and fantasy world, as expected they would still definitely wish to see those boss character like-existences.

“Calm down Marione. Hiiro too please refrain from making careless remarks.”

“Mu, If your Highness says so.”

Marione acknowledged the words of his lord, while Hiiro just shrugged his shoulders.

“Come to think of it Hiiro, you said that you wanted to talk to me about something….. Is it by any chance about the attack on [Passion]? Or maybe about the <Tree of Beginning: Aragorn>?”

“You knew about it?…….Ah, you heard about it from that wolf guy.”

Hiiro guessed that Ornoth must have informed them about the situation after coming back from [Passion].

“Wolf guy? A, you’re talking about Ornoth, that’s right, I heard all about it from him. And that, Hiiro did something outrageous..”

“Wha? What outrageous things did he do?”

Liliyn asked curiously. When suddenly Tenn jumped from Hiiro’s shoulders, spinned his body for a while and landed perfectly on the table, in front of Eveam and the others.

“I shall be the one to tell you that!”

Tenn puffed up his chest as if to say that he shall be the one to explain it. Hiiro who saw this, made a deep sigh while saying ”not again…….. ”. Ten then proudly explained how he used “Flash Fireworks”.

Upon hearing the details of it, Liliyn murmured, “Hou~’, impressed by what he did, Aquinas and Marione felt the same way as they too were engrossed in Tenn’s story telling.

(I should fix this guy’s talkative habit  ….. )


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  1. How can someone who reads that much be so dense? He’s sure to have read stories where a female characters acts that way and the story proceeds to explain why, so why can’t he make the logical leap that a ten year old could do?


    • Hiiro is probably doing it on purpose. As a shut-in, he’s kind of a tsundere himself. He might think of all of them as troublesome, but at the end of the day Hiiro considers them his friends, and believes he needs to pay them back for their kindness. He doesn’t care for romance, though; being dense is his way of prioritizing getting stronger and dealing with his enemies.


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  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    Do note that you if you are narrating the story in the past tense, you should generally stick with the past tense and not switch to present tense. (even though there are exceptions)

    For example,
    “Somehow the matter about her appearance in a bath towel seems to have not been brought up, Hiiro felt relieved as it did not leave much after-trouble.”


  4. Well Anri, you’re probably gonna end up returning before that 2nd chapter get released. Rebirth group is alright, but they’re way too sporadic….well, some of their translators are.


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