Popularity Vote Ranking Result Announcement Rev. Edition

Long time no see. I didn’t expect I have to take this project again sooner. But seeing how the trend of the project is going down hill, I couldn’t help give a helping again.

There are a lot of things you want to ask, a lot of things I want to say. Let me say it in here very briefly.

Me first, alright?

Anri-sama is very sorry that she had left the project without updating anyone what happened. Reasons are obviously RL, but I’m also at fault for irresponsibly leaving without any notifications. 

I’m very grateful to AeRoSol31 (Aero, for convenience sake) who had continued where I have…yeah, slacked off (ouch). Although I’m glad someone decided to pick it up after months of inactivity, I’m also disappointed to myself for somehow passing it to him forcibly without any help or guidance.

Lessons learned? At least have another translator who can fill the gaps when the other is busy. So I decided to invite a collaboration with Aero, however, it seems the person is also in the midst of a critical event of his RL. I hope he can come back, Anri-sama can’t do it alone. (Or else I disappear again. Kidding. But very likely if no one would help.) For now, I’ll do what I can. 

Now then, I suppose there are things first that must be put in order. I learned that promising a bulk release is too hard to accomplish. I realized it the hard way because translating chapter by chapter without break will seriously break me, especially my motivation to do it freely. So I will vow in here that I’ll return to my usual pace, once chapter at a time release policy. 

For the release dates, as usual it’s not going to be every day like before, I have my own problems in RL, so that’s a serious “no”. I won’t also be saying when would the next chapter be. And I won’t promise any bulk release anymore. I don’t want expectations riding on me when I have a lot of expectations I’m carrying to fulfill in my RL.

Since this is my first time translating again, I will see first what kind of pace will I be making before I can give you some heads up on how many chapters I can post in a week.

Right now, I translated the chapter after Aero’s recent post. The Popularity Vote Chapter was what caught my attention. So I’m going to retranslate it. (Krud-san, thank you for translating this.)

I needed to know if my skills have become rusty or not before I proceed in translating the main chapters. So here you have it, have fun.


“From here on out, this is going to be my debut!” (Arnold)

“Nofofofofo! This butler will also serve as the emcee of this event!” (Silva)

“Now to get things started, let us first announce the results of the heroine group!” (Arnold)

“This one agrees with that choice!  The heroine group… ah, what sweet sounding words.” (Silva)

“H-hey, what’s wrong with you?” (Arnold)

“This one is deeply conflicted by these charming young ladies representing the heroine group ranking! Nofofofofo!” (Silva)




“A-anyway, leaving Silva aside, let us start the event! First up are those who received one vote!” (Arnold)


Aoyama Taishi

Kiria 3

Kiria 2





Aqua Hound Meat


“…….say Silva.” (Arnold)

“What’s the matter?” (Silva)

“I thought it was just my imagination but…. Is it just me or are there some things voted there that shouldn’t have been voted as a heroine?” (Arnold)

“Now that you mention it, the Kiria’s are our enemies right?” (Silva)

“No, no no! That’s not my point! Can’t you see the name, Aoyama Taishi? He’s a hero and also a man! Tenn also is a man𑁋 I mean a male animal! Yukiona too shouldn’t have been there! It’s a small animal! And what’s most shocking is why in the world would anyone vote for an ingredient in this heroine section!” (Arnold)

“Nofofofofo! Ah, the Aqua Hound meat, that was certainly a delicacy. Just remembering it is making me throb this much, to the point that I want take it with me to bed! Nofofofo!” (Silva)

“Quiet old guy! Don’t get excited all of a sudden! Just how much do you love this meat that you are having delusions of it?!”

“Even the owner of this world doesn’t mind this kind of peculiarity, you know?” (Silva)

(TL note: I don’t know how translate this one. It’s so loose that I can’t find the reference of it. そういう性癖の持ち主だって世界にはそれこそごまんと)

“As if that’s true! Sheesh…. Anyway, let us proceed with those who got two votes!” (Arnold)




Akamori Shinobu

Kiria 5

Tomoto Sui


“…………………………..oi, there seems to be some disturbing names nominated on both ends of the list?” (Arnold)

“Nofofo, this is making me shy.” (Silva)

“Don’t get embarrassed you fool! Why are you included in this list! Moreover, two votes at that! And furthermore, why is the author nominated as well? What the heck is this? What do the people expect by voting these people?!” (Arnold)

“Now now, please calm down Arnold-dono.” (Silva)

“Silva…” (Arnold)

“Even the owner of this world doesn’t mind this kind of peculiarity, you know?” (Silva)

“You said this a while ago already!” (Arnold)

“Nofofofo! I’m extremely and humbly delighted for voting for this butler! Thank you very much! Nofofofo!” (SIlva)

“……..haa, screw this. Let’s go to those who got three votes.” (Arnold)





“I see, Shishou’s rank is in here, huh? Hm? I’m not familiar with this one, who is Musun?” (Arnold)

“She is the employed head chef residing in the Demon King’s Castle of Xaous. All the dishes she made were quite marvelous and delicious, even Hiiro-sama was very fond of her exquisite dishes.” (Silva)

“What did you just say! S-so she’s my rival, huh? I want to meet this Musun.” (Arnold)

“And she’s also quite a beauty you know?” (Silva)

“Hohou~, then by all means 𑁋 ouch! W-who the heck hit m𑁋 Eeh! Shishou!?” (Arnold)

“Quiet dimwit! Don’t ruin the debut of your master to a girl who you haven’t even met. You have quite some nerve to do that, huh?” (Rarashik)

“I-it’s not what you think Shishou. This is….different” (Arnold)

“I’m going to punish you later.” (Rarashik)

“N-nooooooooooooo way!” (Arnold)


“By the way, to those people who voted for me, you have my thanks! In other words, you want me to dissect you right? Alright then, I’ll gladly teach you things that you aren’t aware of yourself from head to toe, of course I mean it thoroughly. Come to the examination room later, I’ll be waiting.” (Rarashik)


“And there she goes. Oh? What’s wrong, Arnold-dono?” (Silva)

“Punishment is scary Punishment is scary Punishment is scary Punishment is scary Punishment is scary Punishment is scary Punishment is scary…………” (Arnold)

“Fumu, it appears that he has been reduced to this. If that’s the case,” (Silva)

“G-g-good day everyone! I-I will be replacing Oji-san as your temporary replacement hosut 𑁋 auu.” (Muir)

“My my, Muir-dono! This is quite a surprise! By the way, that was a lovely gesture earlier. Nofofo!” (Silva)

“Auuu…. Please treat me well.” (Muir)

“Then let us proceed with those who received 4, 5 and 6 votes respectively!” (Silva)


4 votes – Mikazuki

5 votes – Okamura Hiiro

6 votes – Arnold


“Ooooh! This is…very astonishing indeed!” (Silva)

“I don’t get it. Isn’t this the heroine section? I understand if it’s Mikazuki-chan, but why is Hiiro-san and Oji-san in here as well?” (Muir)

“Listen closely Muir-dono. What I’m about to tell you is a world you may not know of yet.” (SIlva)

“ (Gulps) “ (Muir)

“Now imagine Hiiro-sama and Arnold-sama together on the same bed….” (Silva)

“Shut uuuuuuuuuuuuup!” (Arnold)

“O-oji-san?!” (Muir)

“Nofofofo! What perfect timing you have right there, Arnold-dono!” (Silva)

“Shut your mouth Hentai-Jiji! Don’t make Muir imagine such things!” (Arnold)

“Calm down, even the owner of this world doesn’t mind this kind of peculiarity, you know?” (Silva)

“You are still using those same words again!” (Arnold)

“Awawawa! P-please calm down Oji-san!” (Muir)

“I agree! You should calm down for a bit! Kihahaha!” (Mikazuki)

“Ooh! It’s Mikazuki-dono!” (Silva)

“That’s right! Thank you for giving me so many votes! I’m happy! So very very happy! Ah, a bird just flew away! Wait for meee!” (Mikazuki)

“Ah, don’t run so fast Mikazuki-chan!….. And she’s gone.” (Muir)

“M-maa, I’ll at least say thanks for those who nominated me. Thanks guys. But I still don’t understand how I deserve those 6 votes..haa” (Arnold)

“Now now Oji-san. What’s important is that you are popular!” (Muir)

“But being nominated in this kind of section, it feels kind of unnecessary though…” (Arnold)

“Haha… now then, the next one is someone who got 7 votes!” (Muir)


“Hm? Are you perhaps talking about me? That shouldn’t be surprising. Though I rarely appeared on the main story, but appearance-wise I’m a direct descendant of the 『Spirit King』after all. I’m happy that I got tenth place, but I’m a little discontented of it.” (Hime)


“Even though we haven’t revealed what seat place was next…. As expected of the tsundere, Hime-dono!” (Silva)

“W-who is the tsundere you are speaking of! Please don’t casually call me by such names! Ah, but I’m grateful for those who voted for me, so….t-thank you.” (Hime)

“As expected of a genuine tsundere! Nofofofo!” (Silva)

“Whatever! If there is no more business for me in here, I’m leaving! Goodbye!” (Hime)

“Un, that girl is so comprehensible.” (Arnold)

“Haha, then the next one is the ninth place. Receiving eight votes and gaining the ninth seat is this person!” (Muir)


“Err…i-is it alright for me to appear in such a showy event?” (Minamoto Shuri)


“Of course you are! That’s because those plump chest of yours is absolutely ‘justice’! Nofofofo!” (Silva)

“Uuuu….” (Shuri)

“Hey gramps, she’s apparently not comfortable with this kind of topic.” (Arnold)

“Though you say it like that, I also noticed Arnold-dono looking at Shuri-dono’s chest as well!” (Silva)

“Na!?” (Arnold)

“Oji-san….?” (Muir)

“Y-you are mistaken Muir! Ah, please don’t back away from me young lass!” (Arnold)

“Err, I’m happy that you have voted for me. Thank you! Well then, I’ll take my leave!” (Shuri)

“Please wait! There’s an explanation for this!” (Arnold)

“Nofofo! That was quite unfortunate Arnold-dono!” (Silva)

“You! It’s your fault why it became like this!” (Arnold)

“Haha…le-let’s move on shall we. The next one is the eighth place who received 9 votes!” (Muir)


“Hello everyone! I’m very happy for choosing me as eighth place. Thank you!” (Nikki)


“Ooh! So it was Nikki-dono!” (Silva)

“I’ve already returned my thanks to those who voted for me! With this, I wonder if Shishou will praise me?” (Nikki)

“Surely he will. Probably a pat on the head.” (Silva)

“I-is that so! Then, I will immediately look for Shishou! Byebye!” (Nikki)

“It refreshing to see an energetic child like that.” (Arnold)

“I agree, Nikki-chan is so cute!” (Muir)

“Fumu fumu, the following person is the 7th place. Acquiring 10 votes in total, this person is….” (Silva)


“Nyahaha! I’ve become so popular! So happy!” (Crouch)


“It’s one of the Gabranth’s Strongest Three, Crouch-san!” (Muir)

“Unya? By the way, where is Hiiro nya?” (Crouch)

“Eh? If I remember correctly, Hiiro-san was reading a book on the other side.” (Muir)

“Nya?! If what you say is really true nya! Hirooooooooooooooooooooo!” (Crouch)




“That girl is really like a typhoon.” (Arnold)

“U-un.” (Muir)

“Nofofofo! Then let us continue! The following received a total vote of 13 and is ranked 6th. This person is!” (Silva)


“…..greetings everyone.” (Eunice)


“Ah, Eu-chan!” (Muir)

“Muir, I don’t know what’s the best thing in face of this event.” (Eunice)

“That’s easy, you should express your thanks to everyone!” (Muir)

“Is that so?….. I understand…. Thank you for putting your votes on me. It made me very happy.” (Eunice)

“Eu-chan is so cute!” (Muir)

“Upu! Clinging to me so suddenly is dangerous Muir.” (Eunice)

“Ahaha, oops, sorry about that. Also congratulations Eu-chan” (Muir)

“Thanks. Is it alright to stay in here?” (Eunice)

:”Of course we would, especially if it’s Eu-chan!” (Muir)

“Ooh~ as I thought, seeing such an affectionate atmosphere between two beautiful young girls is really, hmm, pleasant.” (Silva)

“Whatever you do is none of my business, but don’t you go saying strange things to those innocent girls, alright? Well then, resuming to our announcement, the next place has received quite a number of votes. Here I go! (Imagine him flipping the nominee cards) Representing the 4th place with 26 votes, two persons was nominated! The first one is our lovely pretty flower, Muir Casteirrrrrrrrrrrrrr! “ (Arnold)


“Eh!? I’m 4th place!?” (Muir)


“And the other pair, Garbranth’s Second Princess, and also Muir’s best friend known as the Song Princess! Mimiru Kingggggggggggg!” (Arnold)


“Fufu, we did it, Muir-chan.” (Mimiru)

TL Note: (Imagine them making a high five.)


“Mimiru-chan!? Eh? We are tied with the same ranking!?” (Muir)

“That’s correct Muir-chan! However, before we continue this conversation, let’s reward the people who voted for us with our gratitude.” (Mimiru)

“Ah, you are right.” (Muir)


“Everyone who voted for us. Thank you very much!” (Muir & Mimiru)


“Congratulations you two.” (Eunice)

“Thanks Eu-chan.” (Muir)

“I greatly appreciate your kind words, Eunice-san.” (Mimiru)

“Fumu, three beautiful young girls…. This is getting me excited~” (Silva)

“Old man, you’re having a nosebleed you know?…… but I understand your feelings (Fatherly tears). Anyway let’s move on. Representing the third place with 35 votes is……………….. The present ruler of 『Evila』, the Demon Lord! Though this girl may have gaps in her public and private life, she’s an idealist who still has a long way with her love life! And her name is, Eveam Grant Early Eveningggggggggggggg!” (Arnold)


“Eh!? I was voted for 3rd place!? That’s quite…unexpected, even though I should be delighted about this…err, anyway, you have my gratitude for this!” (Eveam)


“So stiff! That’s too formal, Eveam-dono!” (Silva)

“But if I don’t act firmly like this, it might ruin my reputation with the people of Evila.” (Eveam)

“What are you trying to say. To begin with, you are mostly known by the readers as lovely woman who is friends with Hiiro-sama.” (Silva)

“Ah! Ah! Ah! What are you trying to start with this!” (Eveam)

“Eh, do I need to spell out? Alright then, Eveam-dono’s passionate feelings for Hiir𑁋” (Silva)

“Stooooooooooooooop! T-that’s not true you knoooooow!” (Eveam)


“Oi old man, aren’t you getting carried away? Her face is as red as an octopus when she fled you know?” (Arnold)

“Nofofofo! I’m just fulfilling the expectations of the readers.” (Silva)

“What the heck does that mean? Oh well, not that I mind it anyway. Alright, let’s proceed! Representing the 2nd place with 41 votes! She’s no other than…….. The Little Red Devil! She’s the outstandingly popular Tsundere-ojousama! A loli who has both power and cuteness! And her name is Liliyn Li Reysis Red Roseeeeeeee!” (Arnold)


“…..tsk.” (Liliyn)


“E-err, why are you in a bad mood?” (Arnold)

“………” (Liliyn)

“……err…..” (Arnold)

“Nofofofofo! Apparently, it appears Milady is not satisfied for not getting the first seat” (Silva)

“Oh. That makes sense. But I think getting second place is also a splendid result you know?” (Arnold)

“Hmph! Anything below 1st place is the same as the last rank! Are you perhaps saying that I’m not the best appropriate person to be on Hiiro’s side?” (Liliyn)

“N-no, not at all!” (Arnold)

“Ku! Why am I not the best one! Oi Silva, what is the meaning of this!” (Liliyn)

“I understand what you are trying to imply, but Milady I think you are misunderstanding something.” (Silva)

“…..?” (Liliyn)

“There a lot of people who voted for you Milady, what’s more this is a popularity vote where you got the best lead right now, are you still not satisfied with these results?” (Silva)

“…I see, so this is a trial that tests upon how well you receive the given result. Umu, though I’m a bit dissatisfied for receiving 2nd place, I’ll overlook this and receive the merit obediently. Also…” (Liliyn)

“Milady?” (Silva)

“….I’m not h-happy because you gave me your stupid votes or anything, since it’s natural for me to have this kind of recognition, but, how do I say it, t-thanks. Thanks for voting me.” (Liliyn)

“That expression is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” (Silva)

“Uwa! You! Don’t suddenly hug me you perverted old bastard!” (Liliyn)



…………………… (The rest are sighing in disappointment)


“…a-anyway, those two seem to have gotten an understanding, so let’s proceed to the last one!” (Arnold)

“I agree” (Muir.)

“My sentiments exactly.” (Mimiru)

“Yes” (Eunice)

“Ehem! Here I go then! (Flips the nominee cards) Oooh! The first place has a one point gap with the 2nd place!” (Arnold)

“What did you say! A one point gap!?” (Liliyn)

“And the one who achieved this one-point gap and who will represent the glorious place of the 1st seat is this persoooooooooooooooooon!” (Arnold)


“………is this okay?” (Camus)










“Oh, isn’t that great? Though he’s a man.” (Arnold)

“Impossible! I lost to a man!?” (Liliyn)

“…..haa (disappointed sigh?) “ (Female group)

“Nofofofo! This result has developed into another surprising matter once again!”

“Well, at least the female readers are quite satisfied with this result.” (Arnold)


“Did I….do something bad?” (Camus)



TL note: (Imagine Puppy Eyes)


Everyone: (If you stare at us with that cute expression…..!?)


“Despite the results becoming like this, with this the champion for the heroine group is Camus!”

“Everyone, thank you. With your overflowing support…. I will do my best. And as Hiiro’s subordinate…too.” (Camus)


Camus smiles sweetly.


Everyone: (Is he really a guy?)


“Alright, the next agenda of the event is the character ranking. Due to certain reasons, we are going to jump towards the fifth place!” (Arnold)

“Nofofofo! The heroine section took a lot of our delicate printing paper after all.” (Silva)

“Shut up old man! Those things should be off-record you know!” (Arnold)

“Please stop Oji-san! For now, calm down! Ah, before that, here you go readers!” (Muir)


One Vote


Aoyama Taishi







Lion Liger


Two Votes




Kiria 3



Three Votes







Four Votes



Tomoto Sui


Five Votes








Six Votes




Seven Votes




“I see. Hm? Wait a minute. Did I get zero points?” (Arnold)

“I-it’s alrigh Oji-san! There are still five places left!” (Muir)

“Thanks for concern Muir. But if I’m not there, I don’t think I can hold on…” (Arnold)

“Haha (Wry laugh)….” (Muir)

“Arnold-dono, we still have hope for our futures! It’s just starting! Have faith! We will definitely be amongst the top 5!” (Silva)

“Old man…. Alright, I’ll trust those words!” (Arnold)

“Well then, let’s immediately announce the next candidate! Representing the 5th place with 9 votes………..oh? It’s Arnold-dono.” (Silva)

“Ah?…….Eh? Me?” (Arnold)

“It appears to be so.” (Silva)

“Yahoooooooooooo!” (Arnold)

“Isn’t that great Arnold-dono? You have so many fans.” (Silva)


“Nahahaha! If it’s this result, I can say it without holding back anymore! Thanks guys! Not because of the heroine ranking, but cuz of this! Yahoooooooo!” (Arnold)


“Fufu, congratulations Ojisan.” (Muir)

“Ah, thanks! Let’s keep this vibe going! Representing the 4th place with 15 votes is …. The number-one guy you can rely on! He’s a unique guild master who also has the disposition to be a king! And that person is Judom Lankaaaaaaars!” (Arnold)


“Oh? Me? I see. Since you have sincerely voted for me, it’s natural that I have the obligation to answer your expectations. (Ehem) I swear with own life that I will fight for the sake of the people who voted for me until this life of mine expires! Thank you everyone!” (Judom)


“Fua~ he’s such a big person.” (Muir)

“I agree with your opinion. Not only is his body big, his ambience as well too.” (Mimiru)

“Also….he’s strong.” (Eunice)

“I know right? I also admire to become a guy like that someday…………anyway! Let’s proceed! Representing the 3rd place with 17 votes…….is the innocent sand user! The son of a man who looks like girl but he isn’t! And the one who possesses an unshaken loyalty towards Hiiro! That person is Camuuuuuuuuuuuuus!” (Arnold)


“Un….I did it. Will Hiiro…praise me?” (Camus)


“Uuuu… Camus is too strong.” (Muir)

“We won’t lose to him Muir-chan!” (Mimiru)

“……I won’t lose.” (Eunice)

“Nofofofo! Hiiro-sama is so popular!” (Silva)

“Tsk… even though he’s being admired by so many beautiful girls, and that unsociable prick doesn’t even…. Muir is the only person I won’t pass to you Hiirooooo!” (Arnold)

“Everyone, thank you. Arnold. Next?” (Camus)

“I understand! This person received a favorable number of 27 votes in total! Representing the 2nd place is………. This walking pervert besides me! The Feminist Butler! A person who sees the world more deeply than the rest of us and has an outstanding knowledge of the world’s history. That person is Silva Purutiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!” (Arnold)


“Nofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofo!” (Silva)


“I understand the laughter, but say something at least!” (Arnold)

“Nofofofo! I was overcome by my own feelings that I couldn’t help it! Nofofofofo!” (Silva)

“Err, like I said, at least please say a few words or something?” (Arnold)

“A few words I see. Ehem! Well then….. If I’m pushed to say, whether they have huge breast or well-shaped breasts, beautiful or cute, any of them would make me very excited. Moreover, about the elasticity and shape of the brea—” (Silva)


“What seems to be the problem?” (Silva)

“Don’t pretend you don’t know the reason! What the heck were those vulgar words!” (Arnold)

“As you have requested, a few words from me.” (Silva)

“That’s omitted! Is there anything else you want to say Hentai geezer!” (Arnold)

“Mumumu! If that’s the case! To tell you the truth, I prefer those who are gentler in bed, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like those who are intens𑁋” (Silva)

“Stoooop! Alright this conversation ends!” (Arnold)

“Nofofofo! What a disappointment! Nofofofo!” (SIlva)


Liliyn: (That idiot, it’s obvious that he’s embarrassed.)


“Well then, let’s proceed to the character that reigns over all the characters in this story! Moreover, this person acquired a whopping number of 115 votes! A perfect victory! And this person is………..meh, just make that guy appear already! Oi they are calling you!” (Arnold)




“That’s strange. Where is that guy?” (Arnold)

“I don’t know as well.” (Muir)

“Damn it! Anyway, let’s look for that guy!” (Arnold)


After 30 minutes….


“Good grief, why did you leave and went to eat a meal! Haven’t I told you that this event is special and that you should stay until this is over!” (Arnold)


“Humph, it can’t be helped. I got hungry.” (???)


“Aaggh! I have enough of this! What are you a kid!? …..anyway, it’s to introduce our first placer! The best character of the first popularity voting poll of this series! The my-pace food gourmet and book-obsessed guy! Arrogant-like-demon human! And the non-standard cheat! This person is!


Hiiro Okamuraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” (Arnold)


“Yawn, I feel sleepy.” (Hiiro)

“Can’t you understand that you are the leading part of this event!” (Arnold)

“Annoying. Shut your mouth.” (Hiiro)


『Silence』|『沈黙』character was shot at Arnold


“ 𑁋𑁋𑁋𑁋𑁋𑁋𑁋𑁋𑁋𑁋 !? “ (Arnold)


Everyone: “…………………………………..”


“Ah, I think there was a book I was supposed to read today. May I go already?” (Hiiro)

“E-errr…. Hiiro-san. Is there anything you would like to say to them? The readers have invested their precious time to vote for you after all.” (Muir)


“…….. I never asked for them to do this though?” (Hiiro)


“….Hiiro-san is Hiiro-san after all. No matter where.” (Muir)

“Fufu, indeed.” (Mimiru)

“…..that’s so like onii-chan.” (Eunice)

“Haha, that kind isn’t interested in these sort of events anyway.” (Liliyn)

“Fuooooo! Shishou was so coooool!” (Nikki)

“Masteeeeeeeer~! Mikazuki was, Mikazuki made it to the list you know! Praise me praise me!” (Mikazuki)

“AH! I found Hiiro! This time I won’t let you get away!” (Crouch)

“Hiiro! It’s very important to express your gratitude to these people!” (Eveam)


“Ah, this is becoming noisy. Seriously…” (Hiiro)


Unexpectedly Hiiro executed the character he wrote. Then, everyone’s expression became calm and soon after, all of them expressed their brightest smiles and bowed politely in the end.


“ Thank you for participating in the voting poll! “ (Female Group)


“Haa, with this, it’s back to normal.” (Hiiro)


The character Hiiro wrote with his finger was 『Deep Gratitude』|『感謝感激』


“,,,,best regards after this.” (Hiiro)


“Hiiro is first place, I’m first place…… ehehehe” (Camus)


Everyone excluding the two: “……………………….HA!?”



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  4. I knew it. It’s Hiiro x Camus wahahahahaha!!
    Well with Hiiro being Hiiro, it may turn out to be AllxHiiro , All(one-sided)xHiiro, or No pairing at all coz he turns out to be asexual


  5. Well Anri-dono,do you love Loli or BB?I see you enjoy to become a Lolicon and I will happy to show you the true beauty of this world:Loli is justice.👍


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