Chapter 276 – Escape

This chapter was re-translated by me. Please do give credits to meteor-san who tried to translate it.

With that said, enjoy Chapter 276.

While Tenn was telling Hiiro’s activity to Liliyn and the others, inside the underground prison of 【Victorias】 royal castle, 《Cruel Division, Rank 3》 Teckil Shizaa, let out a deep sigh.

“…I’ve gotten tired inside this prison.”

His hands were handcuffed by a magic tool that served to seal his ability to use magic. This kind of measure seemed as if he was treated like a criminal.

He was caught by the Predecessor Demon Lord Avoros, and was thus held imprisoned for a long time, but as expected the accumulation of living inside this narrow prison was painfully frustrating.

If he could use his magic, escaping from here would be a breeze, but the magic tool was too sturdy to the point that all his attempts to break it are all in vain.

“I wonder how’s the world moving…is Her Majesty safe…”

It was a question unanswered by anyone, that’s why he let his mind speak. He already knew that Avoros objective was world domination, but he has not grasped everything as a whole because of his current condition.

The prison guard either doesn’t really respond to him, so any information was unavailable to him.

“Speaking of safety, I wonder if the heroes are also alright…”

Taishi and Chika should have also been caught here together. He remembered the time he encountered them inside the royal castle of 【Victorias】

“But for what purpose would the Predecessor Demon Lord capture the heroes for…”

If Avoros wanted to kill them, it was understandable. But he didn’t and instead used them for some motive Teckil couldn’t comprehend. What would he gain by using the heroes?

It was a mystery as to why the Predecessor Demon Lord would use the heroes for when he had taken over 【Victorias】 and was steadily gaining force from within.

There were plenty of reasons that could be inferred. But in the end, none of them can be concluded as the truth.

Teckil thought that he would be able to grasp the plans of the Predecessor Demon Lord and send it to Demon Lord Eveam, but he was unable to obtain any information from his current location.

Reluctantly, Teckil as usual continued to look at the ceilings with the wall behind him, when he heard something hard moved.


Teckil’s gaze glanced there naturally. One of the bricks that made up the wall shook unsteadily.

(W-what’s happening…!?)

Instinctively, Teckil distanced himself as he observed it from a distance. Then, the grinding sounds suddenly stopped.


A voice could be faintly heard from the other side of the wall. It was calling out to Teckil. He immediately looked towards the patrol outside of the prison. But it seems the prison guard wasn’t anywhere nearby.

“Hey, is anyone there?”

The voice gradually sounded clearer. And the voice seemed very familiar.

“I-it can’t be….Judom-san?”

“Don’t speak too loudly.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

For some reason, the guild master of this country, Judom Lankars was on the other side of the wall.

Teckil slowly approached the crack in the wall, and brought his face closer to the gaps.

“W-why are you here? Or rather, you shouldn’t be in this place. Here’s dangerous. This is part of the territory of the Predecessor Demon Lord.”

“I was already aware of that. I only came here for one reason.”

“…don’t tell me.”

“Yeah, I’ve come here to save you.”

It was another common day over at the prison as the mutterings of that 『Evila』 could be heard as usual.

The prison guard felt proud that he was entrusted by the Predecessor Demon Lord with the position to guard the prisoners captured by his men.

He was finally able to obtain such high position from the Predecessor Demon Lord by obtaining his trust as a stern guard. No, not just him, but the other prison guards thought this as well.

And since an invaluable asset was captured inside one of the prisons he was patrolling, he felt exhilarated for having acquired this position. He had been told that if he continued to do his job properly, then he might obtain a position as the head prison guard, or maybe even have the right to wear the black robe that was given only to those who were approved by the Predecessor Demon Lord.

He motivated himself with this as he got into his work more. And as usual, upon doing his rounds for today, he could hear the monologue of that person again.

Teckil Shizaa. 《Cruel Division, Rank 3》 of the 『Evila』. A man with an unusual power who even the Predecessor Demon Lord considered as useful.

That man had always muttered questions that were never answered. Of course, when the prison guard knew the answer to his questions, he would only answer them back inside his minds. Sometimes he wondered if Teckil was able to hear his thoughts since he always seemed to continue his soliloquy whenever someone passed by him.

That said. the fact that Teckil Shizaa had been locked was a reality, and the fact that he was unable to obtain any information was also the truth. This gave him a sense of superiority. A really good feeling.

Once, then twice as he did his usual patrols, he thought that there would be nothing unusual for today as well. However, upon his third patrol, he suddenly felt a strange sense of incongruity.

He couldn’t hear the usual murmurs that he had always heard. But he did not panic. It’s not like this was the first time it had happened. Sleepiness and boredom, anyone of these could ran a person into sleep.

So he assumed that he was sleeping again, and headed towards the prison cell with a nonchalant face, but the man’s face expression cringed upon his arrival at the prison cell.

Because Teckil who was supposed to be inside was nowhere to be seen. There was a hole the size of which a person could pass through. And looking at the hole one caused easily tell what exactly had happened.

That’s right, Teckil had escaped.

Judom had already brought Teckil to a town when the prison guard had noticed Teckil’s escape from his cell.

While hiding in the shade of the buildings, Teckil continued to follow Judom from behind. When they noticed a patrol officer nearby, both of them would immediately conceal themselves.

Teckil looked at profile of Judom, who was looking around the surroundings relentlessly.

“………… is it ok to ask a question now?”

“What is it?”

“Why did you help me?”

Then Judom slowly turned around to face Teckil.

“There are big reasons and small reasons, which one do you wish to hear first?”

“……….then please start from the small reasons”

“Alright, for the the small reason…. That’s because you are necessary for my objective.”

“…I’m necessary for your plans?”


“…then the big reason?”

When Judom boldly forced a shy smile, he said,

“Because you are a comrade-in-arms.”

Teckil was at a loss for words as he stiffened upon hearing Judom’s unexpected answer.

“…..that’s the big reason?”

“Yup. That’s the big reason.”

“Even if you say this co-comrade-in-arms, we only fought together once in battle though? ”

“Will you look at that, you are a splendid comrade-in-arms already”


“Over the years that had gone by, I have learned that the more you abandon your friends, the more you will likely fall into ruin.”

Teckil’s cheek became cramped as he was amazed at Judom’s manliness. Even though they only fought together once, it was enough to invade right in the middle of the enemy territory just to save him, truly a reckless man, indeed.

Such foolish ideals wouldn’t be done if it was him. Even more if one treasures their own life. A lot people trusts and admires Judom from within this country, one of which was that King Rudolph.

If one would mention the person who could save this country, his name would definitely show up first. He is such a great person who can do just that. And he should also be aware of this.

And yet, this man didn’t hold back and hesitate to save Teckil from the enemy when his life could be endangered with a single mistake.

“Ah, you don’t have to complain, I’ve been told plenty before I came here.”

When Teckil was about to criticize him, Judom anticipated what was about to happen and quickly said such things.

“If you just thank me for saving your life then that’s enough. Oh and also, I would be grateful if you could lend me your power later.”

“….good grief, this is my first time meeting such an unbelievable person.”

Teckil shrugged his shoulders as he let out a sigh.

“But still, returning the gratitude from saving me is also part of my beliefs.”

“Oh, then that’s good. But first we have to get out of here. We will speak the rest later.”

“Understood. But before that, can you do something about these handcuffs?”

Teckil presented both of his hands.

“Oh right. Give me a second.”

The surrounding space of his right fist began to tremble as he bumped it in contact with the handcuffs….

The handcuffs which was supposed to be extremely strong shattered like a broken glass.

“…haha, as expected.”

No matter how much Teckil hit or rubbed the handcuffs to the wall, he was unable to even put a scratch on it, but for Judom, with just a slight bump of his fist, it shattered completely.

“The 《Impact King》 is still going strong huh”

“Ba~ka, something like this is nothing. Here, this way quickly.”

“Please wait.”


“From here on out, there is no need to hide anymore.”

Judom frowned at the words of Teckil but he ignored Judom and bit his thumb with his teeth. Blood started to seep from the wound, this time he cut a small bundle of his hair with his hand sword..

And then let the bundle of hair get stained by his blood. Judom was able to surmise what Teckil was exactly doing as he nodded once and watched the process quietly.

Teckil held the cut hair with his right hand and started to move his hand as if he was painting something with a brush on the wall of a building.

It was a picture of a bird that Teckil had finished painting instantly.

“Now, come out.”

The moment Teckil’s words were spoken, the picture drawn with red blood started to wriggle and moved out from the wall. The body of a 3- dimensional bird with a realistic appearance that was drawn on a wall manifested.

“It’s been a long time since I saw your 《Paint Magic》”

“Anyway, get on. It’s time to quickly get out of this country at once”


The guards who noticed the two was dumbfounded, looking at the strange bird in doubt. And then the sounds of the soldier calling them to stop soon followed.

“Here we go!”

The huge wings of the bird fluttered as it carried the two and rose to the sky. And in a blink of an eye, they escaped from the country.


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