Chapter 202 – Matar Deus

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Avoros’ declaration of world conquest terrified most of the people in the vicinity, as if time stopped for them. Nevertheless, he continued without minding such people.

“So I was thinking of inviting you people under my wings, how about it?”

His way of speaking were light. It was like someone inviting anyone on the way with their journey.

Still, there were people who rejected his offer.

“ “ Like hell we will! “ ”

The Demon Queen and the Beast King completely denied at the same time.

However, Avoros wasn’t shaken by it, and spoke as if he expected such answer.

“Then we are going to war.”

This time, he answered without hesitation. Though the meaning of his words was a serious matter, everyone was still speechless from his previous words.


“That’s right, there are things I can’t let you do as you please Eveam. And It’s not possible to solve through your peace talks. How will I do it instead?…….. Simple, I will deprive everything through sheer strength.”

“D-don’t screw with me! We already reached a consensus here, and yet you intend to increase again the hatred!”

“Then, just be quiet and obediently become under my jurisdiction. If you do so, I could have handled you all properly.”

“All the more reason to reject your offer! It’s better to annihilate us rather than to become under your control you bastard!”

Leowald raised his voice with indignation.

“Maa, you’re probably right. I don’t need the 『Gabranth’s』 after all. Even if I didn’t invite you, you’ll eventually become pets, or rations, no? or probably just some heap of garbages.”

“You bastaaaaard!”

However, because Leowald’s condition had not yet recovered, he bent his knee in the process.

“Oh my, you shouldn’t overwork yourself you know?”

It would seem that Avoros words didn’t reach the infuriated Leowald.

“You bastard……..”

“Ahaha, while I’ll be glad to keep you guys in company, as expected I don’t have such luxury. I’ve made a lot preparations in my side. Let me see… don’t mind if we make an announcement here, right?”

Avoros stretched his arms outwards, his eyes were burning with confidence.

“I hope that you’ll remember us. We are 《Matar Deus》, the rulers of this world.”

“That’s absurd….”

Leowald made a mutter in representation of all the people in the place.

“Fufufu, that ends my speech, I just wanted to show my face around here.”

Suddenly, the pool of water below the group’s feet spread as everyone in the place were blinded by a bright line. And then, the group were slowly sucked by the water. They seemed to be taking their leave.

One by one the robed figures sunk into the pool with only a few left who hadn’t yet.

“Ah, I forgot to say this! Beast King?”


“Let me tell you something good.”

As Avoros had called, Leowald turned at him with suspicious eyes.

“….the soldiers who came here a while ago were your subordinate right? Though we’ve killed most of them.”

“You bastard….”

“Just hear me out. Although I think you shouldn’t hear about these kind of things….”


And when Avoros takes a deep breath,

“Although he’s not here, Kokurou is also under my wings you know.”

“W-what did you say!”

It was assumed that Leowald was the one who shouted, but it was Marione. When Avoros saw Marione in his field of vision, he was wide eyed in surprise,

“Ah, now that you mention it, I think Kokorou was the one who killed Marione’s family, no?”

“Is that story true, Previous King!””

His expression was as if he was about to pounce at anyone right now.

“It’s true. After this, feel free to go to 【Passion】 for confirmation, alright?”

“….oi, what do you mean by that?”

Naturally, Leowald couldn’t ignore what he said, and asked in doubt.

“Well you see, Kokurou said he was going to 【Passion】”

“What did you say!?”

This time, Leowald was the one who raised his voice. His face transformed into a ghastly expression as if he was flooded with despair.

“Ahaha, that’s why you should return home with haste, no? Also Eveam?”


“I’m taking care of Teckil in my side.”

“Wha-!? So you were the one!”

“Ahaha, farewell.”


Avoros disappeared into the pool of water. Their feelings of festivity before were now replaced by a lump in their throats.

Meanwhile, Camus was throwing a sharp glance towards a certain man.

“I’ll absolutely….knock you down.”

“….can you do it?”

“….I will.”

“….then try me, my name is Hiyomi.”


Camus stared for a long time without breaking his gaze at Hiyomi as the latter slowly disappeared in the pool.

“…….I will beat you for sure.”

Camus clasped his fist as he made a declaration to himself.


While silence enveloped the surroundings, Leowald’s body staggered violently as he began to walk.


First Prince Leglos called out to him, but Leowald showed no signs of hearing him, and continued to walk with abandon.

Leglos blocked Leowald’s path, and met him eye to eye. However, it was as if Leowald was saying to leave him alone just from the intensity of his gaze. Still, Leglos didn’t tremble from it, and stood firm.

“Father, first of all, please issue your instructions!”


“This is your role as a ruler!”

Leowald was caught surprised by Leglos’ words, and closed his eyes as he inhaled a large breath.

“….that helped Leglos. I was about to nearly throw away my obligation as a ruler.”

“ Don’t worry, because that’s my role right now.”

“Gahaha, your role….right now. Rara, it seems that my son has what it takes after all.”

“Yes, please value it. While I couldn’t stop you, Leglos didn’t and called you many times a while ago.”

“Gahaha! I seem to have worried you people, sorry about that!”

Seeing as Leowald was able to calmly think again, he cleared his throat, and

“At any rate, it is necessary to return to our country to confirm what had occurred.”

The beast men also nodded respectively to Leowald’s words.

“There are too much events that have happened today. Normally, after this I would speak with the people of 『Evila』 but…..”

Though he said so to Eveam, the latter also supported his decision,

“It can wait. There are a lot of things we should confirm first. After we prove what Avoros had said, it is necessary for us to work on the counter measures in future regarding his true aim. As representatives of our newly established alliance.”

“I agree. It is necessary to understand accurately our current state. After that, it would be wise to open a conference about it for the future.”

Certainly, It would be better to advance the relationship of both races in here. They’ve just recently established the alliance, but their people were troubled by the sudden irregularity that had occurred.

For the sake of mutual information, it’s necessary to return to their respective country, and calm the situation.

“Alright. Then, please contact me when you have tentative control on your side. Because Avoros may possibly do something while we are at it.”

Indeed, though Avoros may have said that he’d done something to 【Passion】, it’s possibly a scapegoat to aim at 【Xaos】 next. It is necessary to confirm it right now.

“You’re correct. If he really intends to cause another war, then we can’t lose to the war. It’s necessary to exchange information closely after this.”

“Yes. Then, let us make haste. I don’t know if Avoros was threatening us when he said it, but there was some truth to it about the state of the soldiers who came a while ago, something doesn’t feel right about it.”

“I apologize about that.”

Leowald began to turn his heels towards his people, and issued his instructions.


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