Chapter 253 – The Simple-Minded Old Loli

I’ll be brief with this one.

Here are the few things to remember before you proceed with Chapter 253.

《Binding 》 is the technique used by the Gabranths that uses their life force to borrow strength from 《Spirits 》 which derives their elemental specialities

Remember, the lame Fang skill series? That’s the effect of 《Binding 》

Also next Chapter is an introduction of a new Loli

With that said, I hope you enjoy this chapter. *smirks*

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Chapter 251 – Flash Fireworks

Hey guys, I’m back.

Unfortunately, this could be the last chapter for this week.

Work is pilling up again. So I can’t promise anymore than this.

We will see how it goes.

I also changed Konjiki no Word Master to Konji no Moji Tsukai from Translations Page. I realized it was left half translated from it’s original counter part. As a translator, I simply changed it back, and put the English title below.

Anyway, enjoy chapter 251, meow~

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Chapter 250 – The Newborn Power of Zangeki

Thanks to jorgelotr for helping with the naming of the new techniques introduced at Chapter 248

Crimson Aura ->  Grand Red Aura | Taishakuten

Fiery Aura ->  Grand Fiery Aura

Red Energy -> Red Energy | Shaki

I won’t change it from the previous chapters, so that you may be able to understand how it became like that. But from this point on, I will be using the said terms and their original counterparts.

With that said, here’s the continuation of the cliffhanger. Chapter 250

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Chapter 247 – Clarification of the Knife

Hey there, I’m back.

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to say about this chapter. 

What I do have is a picture forwarded to my by a friend. 

This is a picture depicting the participants involved in the Fated Duel between Gabranth and Evila. 

In the red corner, we have Leowald and his beastly gang! 

  1. Muir
  2. Barid
  3. Lenion
  4. Rarashik
  5. Putis
  6. Arnold
  7. Leglos

In the green corner, we have Hiiro and the Evilas! 

  1. Marione
  2. Ornoth
  3. Eveam
  4. Shublarz
  5. Herbreed
  6. Nikki
  7. Eunice

Enjoy Chapter 247

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Chapter 246 – Fall of Victorias

I made it in time!

Last chapter for this week.

Just recap on some characters. 

Vale – the commanding officer tasked to train the heroes. 

Marice – Wife of Rudolph. Also the Queen of Victorias. 

Lilith – the princess who summoned Hiiro and the other heroes into this world. Apparently in love with Taishi. 

Kainabi – the water user subordinate of Avoros

Taishi – one of the summoned heroes. Disappointingly weak. 

And with that finsihed. Enjoy Chapter 246. 

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