Chapter 277 – Judom’s Threat

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Update: I hate it.

It’s kind of depressing that this project hasn’t been updated since I passed it to another translator.

Since my schedule has become less hectic, I have decided (Ugh) to take this project into my hands again (for the 3rd time).

Give me 3 days until the Nov 15. I’ll have a chapter ready by then.

The curse is starting again.

Good news?

I believed some have read that I will going hiatus for 3 months. That’s true. Reasons? My free time can’t keep with my current schedule from work. The project I’m working on may last 3 months maximum which is why I took a hiatus for a bit. I know this move may hit my motivation big time. But fret not, because I have brought you good news? (Is the question mark really necessary? Haha)

I found a willing slave translator who would like to help KnW. His name is emperor-san from Rebirth Online World. He’s going to be the translator for the meantime while I TLC his work.

The output of our translation is 3 chapters a month. In other words, a weekly chapter. I will be posting links of his translation upon completion.

Chapter 275 is already done by the way. We will post it by today or tomorrow.

Update: Running Slowly

Apologies for the delay. These last 2 weeks were filled with so many activities that I hadn’t have much time to translate. Unfortunately, I still can’t right now. 

Translation will resume on July 1. If anyone couldn’t wait, feel free to translate the next chapter. But I haven’t dropped this project yet. Thanks for understanding.