Teaser – Chapter 200

OMG! 200! It’s my first time reaching a “00” chapter! Feels like I’ve reached some sort of euphoria.


An overjoyed Anri

That said, this is not just my effort. This is all thanks to the other translators who invested their time and effort for making it this far.


And other more translation sites I’ve missed.

Also it would seem that some of you were enlightened by the illustrations. Then let me appease your curiosity again.

KnW 6

Naturally, the blonde woman over there is no other than the serious, hard-headed, innocent maiden who you thought was all about politics but is actually in-love with Hiiro Okamura, Eveam Grand Early Evening. (I’m actually rooting for her.)

Next. the red headed, soon-to-be-part of Hiiro’s harem, is Kukulia King!

KnW 5

Now here are some nostalgic characters.

First up is the naked bromance of Hiiro and Arnold. (drools, but Camus X Hiiro is still better)

Next is that bastard, how-can-such-cute-thing-like-her-exist, Muir.

Last is a mysterious character that has not yet appeared on the Web Novel until Arc 7 or 8 (I can’t remember where was it again.)

Her name can be read as Uinka, or Winka, but I’ll stick with Uinka since Muir calls her Ui-chan. Anyway, this character is a half-Gabranth, half-Humas. (Are? Doesn’t that sound familiar, who is the other Half-Gabranth, Half-Evila, we know of?)  . After reading an excerpt from the authors work, while Hiiro, Muir and Arnold were headed towards Pacion, they encountered Uinka Jio. (Not to be a spoiler but before their encounter, they also met Teckil)  . It was said that Uinka Jio came from a Humas nation, and once her human mother died – the only one who treated her with respect- she left her homeland in search of her father.


Now I’m pretty sure a lot of you are asking why is Chapter 200 a teaser?

I admit that it’s a long chapter, but I can still finish it in a day.

That said, it’s not also because I feel lazy on translating it.

But it’s because I’m about to use this post to announce something.

Gomenasai! *bows*

I might not be able to translate Konjiki no Moji Tsukai for a few weeks.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m stopping this translation. I’ll just be away from the keyboard for a bit.

The real reason is because I’m being relocated to another place due to my professional matters. It means that I’ll be needing to settle down on my quarters there. I need to process my papers, pay my rent and bills, and other more requirements to survive the unknown world.

I’ve humbly translated the first part of Chapter 200. It’s unedited, and rushed. I have a feeling you guys won’t be satisfied with it. But what can I do? Life continues to move without our own consent.



Due to that grotesque scene, Mimiru clung at Leowald right away. The spectacle was too much that not only Mimiru, but everyone else was deprived of their voices.

Nevertheless, Demon Queen Eveam turned her gaze to her right. Following that, the other 『Evila』 looked towards the direction Eveam was looking.

Then, as if it had been there all along, they saw a strange pool of water. It was as white as paper, and there was uncomfortable feeling coming from the liquid.

“Everyone retreat!”

All of the 『Evila』 followed the instructions of Eveam’s unnatural tone of voice, and took a distance from it. Likewise, the 『Gabranth』 also noticed the strange pool of water from Eveam’s warning, and similarly backed away from it.

And then the harmless puddle began to create ripples. It gradually grew in size, and changed into a large pool of water at about three meters in radius.

“Ahaha, it seems that you’ve grown up.”

A voice was clearly heard from the depths of the water.

Eveam shivered when she heard that voice. Her face began to turn pale, and her shoulder trembled.

However, Eveam wasn’t the only one, even the 《Cruel》 were also affected. All of them froze in their place as if they heard an unbelievable voice.

Although the 『Gabranth’s』 were bewildered, it was only Leowald who gazed at the center of pool with blood thirst.

Something suspended from the pool of water. Moreover, several existences appeared from it.

Ten people appeared with black robes covering each their body to hide their respective appearances.

Some had larger physique while other had a smaller one, but each of them emitted a strange atmosphere.

And the true cause of the uncomfortable feeling came from the small boy at the center of the group.

They understood the true nature of boy because the said person was wearing the robe without its hood. Eveam was drenched in cold sweat as a mutter escaped from her mouth.

“…..Avoros Grand Early Evening….”


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       Nepu!! / ~~~ \
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    Stop teasing me you meanie~♡

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  2. That was not at all bad! Nice work! Good job! Thank you Anri-sama~ pretty nice chapter kyaaaa. And hope things get done quickly with you! And I’ve been waiting for Konjiki for a LONG TIME and now someone is translating again. What’s a little more waiting as long as the future is guaranteed (^~^)//


  3. The name Grand Early Evening. It perplexed me to no end. Its like saying, ‘hey, Avoros that early evening was a bomb. Long time no see.’…or something like that. Anyways nice going with the teaser..cant wait for the next chapter. And take your time with settling things down 1st.


  4. No need to thank me for being a substitution while noone else translated, I couldn’t even keep it up … and no need to rush yourself with translation when you’re busy IRL … it’s nice getting a chapter every day though … if I won’t die of an overdose, that is … and thanks for the teaser.

    A noob ^-^


  5. Thanks for the Translation 🙂

    and take your time with your work to be done irl … we people following this WN are used to waiting (atleast i am) 😛


  6. Awwwwwwwwww… have a safe trip, and good luck setling down!^^ It’s already amazing that you keep translating this awesome series! So take your time, take your time LOL

    Incidentaly, Reigokai from Isekai translations should be back tomorrow, after 2 weeks of absence! What a perfect timing! YOU helped me endure the wait for Reigokai, now HE will help me waiting for you! XDDDD

    P.S. Oh yeah, Evean Best Girl! And Mimir-chan on the same ship, obviously ;D


  7. Let me guess when avaros neet hirro he said sommthing lime “mentor/oni chan long time no see” and hiroo just like “oh its you baka deshi 2” i dk but im guessing its have a connection witb Nik as in the raw its said “demon lord avaros died in middle of forest,/mountain,” and its perfectly matched with hirro said that he and mikazuki meet with nikki in a middle of forest

    And forgive me for bad english, english is my fourth languange


    • It’s true that Nikki was discovered by Hiiro and the gang in a deep forest. However, I don’t think Avoros died there. Rather, I have an idea who is this ‘other’ Demon King/Queen you’re talking about.


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