Chapter 205 – Warning for Hiiro

Hey, it’s been a long time. Sorry if I hadn’t translated anything in this past week. I was enjoying my long weekend vacation. And now that’s back to normal – sigh – I don’t even want to talk about it anymore.

Anyway, here’s Chapter 205. Here – in my opinion – this chapter hints about Hiiro’s past trauma.

Silva just jumped up as my favorite character in this series.

Alright. Enough said. Enjoy.
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Chapter 201 – Avoros’ Purpose

I have a good news!

I’ve updated the Translation page. What does this mean? See for yourself by clicking the link.

Anyway, with that all being said, about Chapter 201, Camus appearance is finally revealed!

Also, don’t complain because I’m going to use the pronoun ‘she’ for Camus. I don’t know why, but it somehow feels good in that direction. Please note the Camus is a man, I just preferred to use the female pronoun.

Alright. Enough said. Here’s Chapter 201, and some warning.

Beware! Someone’s flag is raised!

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Chapter 197 – Admiration to the Winner

Now that the duel has been concluded, I suddenly lost motivation in translating. Just kidding.

That said, let me tell you a few things before we proceed with the chapter,

Gomenasai!  *bows* Last chapter (196), I made a mistake on translating one of Hiiro’s Word Magic.

『剛力』 | 『Herculean Strength』

This is the two character Word Magic that suspended around Hiiro.

『金剛力』 | 『Superhuman Strength』

This is the three character Word Magic that Hiiro wrote on his right fist.

I know some of you may have noticed, but the reason why I mistook these two the same, is because both had the same meaning.

How do you classify Hercules if he’s not superhuman!?

Another thing, after scanning a few arcs ahead of the story (approximately 200 chapters) , I will be using 『Tenka Musou』 instead of  『Peerless』 in the next chapters due to consistency issues.

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