My Perspective

Now, I’m sure you noticed my translation slowed down to the point it affected the bulk release.

I admit, I intended that to happen. Not because of my IRL nor because of my time.

But lately, I’ve been receiving hate comments about my friends. (Kiriko and XCrossJ)

Think about this, if I continue to translate KnW in expense of my friends reputation, then I’ll choose my friends. If you are in my place, would you still continue translating while your friends get burned by such rude comments?

I’ve been kind enough not to approve these comments or make a comment about them, but this time you’ve hit a nerve. I can’t let it continue any further.

I’ll be honest, my motivation on translating KnW took a hit. I love this novel. I’m being considerate enough to translate it without something in return, but if such rude comments continues to pile in my inbox again. Someday I’ll surely retire from translating this said novel.

So I’m pleading to you people right now. Stop insulting my friends. Actually, if you have something to tell them, do so in their blogs. Bluntly tell them, not on this blog site like some shout box.

Hmpf. Enough said. Anri out.


89 thoughts on “My Perspective

  1. Some people just don’t understand translators/editors bring us english translations not out of obligation, but labor of love. Translators/editors are people too. They have real life obligations, and it takes time to translate. But there’s always a s***head who just doesn’t have the patience.

    My advice to those people: If you can’t afford to wait, then go translate it yourself god damn it!

    anyways, screw them, I’m very sorry for what happened to your friends, and thank you for translating this novel mate 🙂

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  2. The FU*K with those lower life forms..
    All readers should just read and say “THANK YOU TL-SAMAAA!!!”
    Please don’t stop translating for us ;-; I love your work and everyone’s doing this novel series..
    Good luck for Anri-sama and her team. And have a nice day to everyone 🙂


  3. well, i do think haters have their own rights but can’t they just keep their rude comments for themselves? wait patiently no matter how many years it takes ’cause our translators have their own free will.. they do what they want, and leave what they don’t so please keep your shitty mouths shut if you guys don’t have anything nice to really pisses any person off if you guys mock someone’s friends just read peacefully and keep those garbages that comes out your mouth ti yourselves no one needs it here… -_-


  4. Most of those haters are plain ignorant of the way the process works, and as stated before, if they want it so bad badly they can translate it themselves instead of whining and see for themselves.

    You had no obligation to translate and neither did xcross or kiriko (who both did great while they were running). People have lives to live, plain and simple. Making your point clear here for them is a sign of good character.

    Anyway, just know there are many who actually support your opinion and understand that all fan translations (past and present) are a privilege and NOT a right,

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  5. Damn I can’t believe people are doing this. This is the second (possibly third) time I’ve seen commenters cause a translator to consider dropping a project. Kiriko and xross definitely don’t deserve hate. None of the old translators do. We should be greatful for the stuff you guys do. In the future I want to translate to and I’d hate if this happened to me. So I hope they stop. Cause I really don’t want the few to ruin this project for everyone. Maybe you should consider turning comments off or something unless you require our feedback?


  6. who in their right mind hate the people that selflessly dedicated their important time into translating what may be the greatest novel in the world(no offence)………..[
    except for haters , plz DO get offended]


  7. What idiots to do this and anger translator…. if there was a ban button I would ban them. That being said I’m thankful for your translations and if you wanna go at it slower until whenever feel free to we can wait.


  8. Sorry your friends are getting trashed, from what I see they did good work. What I’m confused about, is that Nickdoyle is or was translating this story, and from what I can see is still getting donations to translate it. What gives? I appreciate your translations, but if you decide to stop this one maybe you could TL Maken no Daydreamer and or Ore to Kanojo ga Geboku de Dorei de Shuujuu Keiyaku. I’ve read what has been TL’d and enjoy both stories.



  9. I remember an old comment saying that this novel is a “cursed” one because it change a lot of time of translators. I’m thanksfull of this bunch of merry translators whose translate this story until you and thanks you for take over this project. And hope you will continu your translations in better mood and environment later. As a lot of people say before (and by experience I know it by the way) translation take time, so take your own, we will wait, it and you deserve it ! 🙂

    An innocent bystander (and french translator) passing by. 😉


  10. i am going to express my point of view, i know that they are your friends and maybe you feel disgusted with the bad comments but there are a lot of persons like me that are following your job , your message is clear , i guest that now everyone is going to think two times before make a stupid comment , please follow with this project ,i know that this job is hard , people think that is easy but no , it spend of a lot of time and a lot of work to translate , i want to donate because i want that you notice that i apreciate your job ( sorry if it is not too clear but i´m still studying english )


  11. @dekinaidiary/Anri Please continue Translate this novel “Konjiki no Word Master”

    ps: please Delete Hater Comment, because that Hater Comment going become Cancer that never end (mybe some stupid troll join in).


  12. sigh~ is this gonna be another novel ruined by salty haters again? I mean really, if you people hate the translators so much, then just don’t comment and leave, you ruin the enjoyment and happiness for us who are just thankful that someone is translating the novel, I was already sad once when a Translator of one of my favorite novels Quit translating because of hate comments, please you guys, if you still have a heart, just don’t comment anything if it’s just a hate comment


  13. XCrossJ and Kiriko are good people, all the people that have worked on KnW are good people, no amount of hate will ever change that, but there will always be hate.

    There are bad translators out there too, that claim others’ work their own and/or lock their translations behind a paywall. However XCrossJ and Kiriko were good translators, they worked out of the goodness in their hearts to spread stories they enjoyed to people that couldn’t read them in their original formats.

    If I had to say 1 bad thing about either of them, I could only say that they kind of vanished from the series. That isn’t really a bad thing either, it was always clear they only translated in their free time and that real life was unpredictable, it was a given that something could happen at any moment, without warning, and translations might stop because of it.

    If this is as far as you take this translation, I’d understand, I know just how aggravating it is to have a person you look up to or something you enjoy be insulted.


  14. seeing some of the comments here is a little dissapointing, while i totaly agree that people shouldnt b*tch about others, it ends up that the people trying to defend the translators are doing exactly just that. its sad that the hypocrysy just makes things worse, why cant we all just stick to “if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all”… that being said thanks for translating up to this point and that extends to all the people whove worked on this so far, it would be a shame to see this dropped over the immature comments of others.

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  15. I love you to bits and pieces, Anri-sama. Ever since I found your little site I’ve been very grateful for every chapter you did for the reading community. Huck the faters.

    I love you ❤


  16. need new chapters if somebody is hating plz do it somewhere else I need these chapters to live. Anri plz keep on keeping on because without you i’m never going to find out what happens in this series and I’m grateful to you who took the time to translate it for us common folk thank you


  17. Just approve those negative comments and let those people get roasted fam. I know its upsetting but they’ll quit after they realize everyone hates them and their opinion.


  18. A lot of people are stupid and we can’t change this. Just ignore them. It is impossible to please everyone, there will always be something that people do not like. Do not worry about them, if among boosters come one person approve of your work even for that one person was worth translating. Good luck and do not give up!
    Good luck in translation.


  19. You could simply cancel the comments publication if the haters are too dumb to stop their sh*t(or ban them if it’s possible)…

    Thanks a lot for the translations! 😉


  20. Another translation site almost ruined by its readers, can’t believe this is still happening. I know the internet gives people a screen to hide behind and that seems to make them that think saying whatever is just fine. But please guys, give the translators some actual love and stop bashing people for their quality. Constructive critisism backed up by some sort of reason is fine but raising your pitchforks and burning your torches and literally screaming “YOU SUCK” and “FUCK YOU” is just sad. No one thinks you’re cool because you flame translators, and no one cares about what you have to say if you do so in such a manner. There, those are my 2 cents, now ignore this and continue hating : ( …


  21. ohh god those ungrateful fuckers are still making things tough for us readers……*sigh*
    oh well i better just complete my JLPT N4 and be exempt from this “unable to read” burden

    still though, i would heartily thank every translators who did this tough job and only sigh at the those rude fucked up lunatics who dare to swear at them…i wanna punch them and skin them alive (like a xianxia male lead)

    oh well anri, hope u continue (i can only pray so) but well, thank you for your work!


  22. Well if they can’t wait just let them TL for them selves for all we care , there’s just too many dum*as* that only care about their selves well just to state a fact that their only being true to their natures , well just ti plainly state it they understanding their the types that always chose the easy way out . Read This You F*cking Ungratefull Bastards !!! HOPE TO WIDEN YOUR UNDERSTANDING . That’s All

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  23. Anri-sama, don’t mind those haters, theyr just spoiled brats. 99% of the readers love your work and have only thanks to say you and all the translators that are working or worked in this project. OMAERA DAISUKI. jajajaja don’t know if it’s right kkkk.
    Please don’t drop this project or i’ll be bored to death. *.*

    Ps: I hate you hatters cuz you hate that I hate you.


  24. Kids. Dont know anything about respect or gratitude for that matter. They believe the world owes them when they havent done jack to even earn the food they eat and the water they drink. Please keep translating this is a extremely addicting novel. Just let you know got a fans in small places. 🙂


  25. Most haters only want to offend and provoke negative reactions so they can feel superior inside their twisted little worlds. I would like to say that you should ignore such messages and laugh them off, but I have been on the receiving end of hate and know feelings aren’t that easy to control. For the sake of the novel and the many people who do appreciate your work, I hope you will continue in spite of this cyber bullying, but if you feel too pressured then don’t. Nothing is worth ruining yourself over.


  26. the only translator i ever had a problem with was Loli and that is mostly because she deleted her chapters along with her translation page
    i think all of the other ones did a good job up to when they stopped though

    Yurai-kun could stand to keep Konjiki No word master on his/her website though

    it’s getting kind of difficult to find who translates chapters anymore i found your website through Baka-Tsuki which in the past didn’t update properly to show the newest chapters


  27. *sigh* why do you let these guys get to you? Just IP ban them and be done with it. Most of them are NOT even readers, they get their kicks in seeing if they can make a translator quit and making your TRUE readers rage. That’s why they are known as TROLLS, you quit and THEY won simple as that. Now thank you for all you have done and hope you will do in the future.


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