Chapter 268 – Is Liliyn a little girl?

Hey there! It’s me! The beautiful Anri is here once again.

This chapter is a bit short. But anyways, here’s the weekly chapter of Liliyn– I mean, Konjiki no Moji Tsukai!

The compilation is still in progress. I haven’t had much time to do it. And much worse, my laptop finally gave up. So please do understand if the quality is a bit edgy. I’m translating via phone once again until I purchase a new one.

Anyway, here you go! Chapter 268! For the Liliyn fans!

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Chapter 267 – Countdown to the Start of War


I apologize if it took a week late before I could resume the translation. After my long holiday week, I was filled to the brim with so much work that I even thought of running away from my desk!

I also noticed that Blazing Translations have suspended his site. Lol, I want to resolve that problem for the new readers. This is why I hate detached sites.

Did anyone make an EPUB or PDF of Volume 4? Can you share it to me? Pretty Please. If possible, share also Volume 1 to 3 and even Volume 5. I plan to make a shared folder in my Gdrive dedicated for the compilation of these works.

With that said, here is cheers for the start of Arc 6!

Enjoy chapter 267! We want Hiiro already!

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Update: Holiday Week

Hey there. I won’t be translating anything this week. 

Reasons? I took a leave from work this Wednesday, so my long holiday break starts from now until the weekends. 

In other words, Anri is taking off her hands from any translations this week. Think of it like a well-deserved break and also a post celebration party for finishing Arc 5.

Thus, translation resumes on April 17.

Have a great holiday with your loved ones. 

Chapter 266 – The Two Grave Posts

Technically speaking, it’s still Saturday.

…….even if it’s already dark in here, yeah, still Saturday. *wry smile*

So here is the last chapter of Arc 5.

My comments?

Wohooo! It’s finally done!

Thank you for staying with me on this project!

Of course, give thanks to Aerosol who continued this project while I was MIA.

I don’t know what the future may hold.

Whether it’s the curse of this project, or RL stuffs, or even, maybe, personal life. (Uwa… I said it)

In any case, I promise to update you guys about it and hopefully keep this project alive.

With that finally said, here’s the last chapter of Arc 5. Enjoy!

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Chapter 263 – The Creation of Sacrifice

Welp, it’s me again.

There’s nothing much I can say about this chapter.

So here’s some interesting news.

With this chapter posted, there’s three more left before the end of Arc 5.

So I did some typing and tadaa! See this link and scroll at the bottom of it. You’ll soon get what I’m hinting about.

With that said, enjoy Chapter 263.

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Chapter 261 – The Core of the Founder Demon King, Deprived

It appears I was mistaken about Kainabi being the water user.

Because of that, I made a short glossary of the known subordinates of Avoros!

Kainabi – A fearless Loli who uses plants to fight. One of the people who stole the light of Naous.

Kokurou – Foul-mouthed Beastman Assassin. Traitor of Pasion. Was the one who raided the royal household, Ouki.

Hiromi – The Scarface villain who transformed Camus’ father into a hideous scorpion

Kirz – Oji-san character that possesses ‘Hawk Eyes’. Caused the Water Dolls Incident.

Rankonis – Kirz’s aide? Tsundere?

Iraora – Traitor of Evila. The one who murdered Greyald of Cruel, Rank 6. The Magma Giant.

Abyss – a Humanoid Darkness Spirit like Silva. An emotionless shota.

Isuka – Water-user subordinate of Avoros.

Val Kiria Series – the banned dolls created by the Founder Demon Lord

Bi-johnny – Aka Beautiful Johnny. One of the people who stole the light of Naous. Gay shit. Funny though.

With that said, enjoy Chapter 261

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Chapter 262 – Cruzer’s Confession

Inside a certain company, one woman was quietly eating her late lunch at the canteen while making various expression as she fiddled with her phone (Translating and etc). And then, she received a notification that made her stand up and said,

Latina, you are way too early to be having a relationship!”

Haha. Anyway, enough about that. Nothing much to say in this chapter. It’s just that this conference will extend up to the end of this arc. Haa….

With that said, enjoy Chapter 262.

4 chapters left before Arc 6!

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Chapter 260 – Sacrifice

Hey there, as you can see, I set my post releases on Saturday only schedule. (It’s already in bold, alright?)

Reasons? Shigoto, shigoto desu~

Anyway, with this schedule, I can somehow rest without worrying about what to post on weekdays.

With that said, enjoy Chapter 260! He makes his move, huh?

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