Update Once Again

Hello guys. I’m back. 

I have news to bring to you readers. 

I don’t know if it would be bad news to others or maybe not. But yeah, I have news. 

Straight to the point, I just got a heavier load of responsibilities in my workplace, meaning I was promoted from my position. 

Now how is this related to Konjiki no Moji Tsukai Translation, you ask? 

Simple. Slower translations. I can only promise 1 chapter a week at least. I don’t think I can whimsically post a series of chapter like I used to back then. 

Which leads me to the main topic I’m going to bring up. 

Are you alright with 1 chapter per week? 


Does anyone want to volunteer to help me in this project? 

I’m very hesitant to give up this project right away. So I want to at least find and see a decent translator who can continue this project. 

Please tell me your opinion about this in the comment section. 

And thank you for patiently waiting for my releases. 

With love, Anri-sama

Chapter 256 – Marquis’ Advice

Alright. Let’s clear one thing first.

The woman is the fortune teller.

Avoros once called her Alicia.

She called herself Marquis Bluenote.

Whatever is her real name, I leave that to your imagination.

Thanks to Jorgelotr, I also changed the name of Marquis’ book to “Adventures of Tinkleweikl”

I know it sounds strange. But after reading ahead (Ch 400’s), there is a reason why it was named like that. *smirk*

Now then, this chapter is a huge chunk of foreshadowing. Mainly, it centers around Marquis/Alicia and the Past. So make sure to bookmark this chapter for future reference.

With that said, the plot is building again, and strangely I could relate myself to Alicia (I’ll keep it to myself for now)

Enjoy Chapter 256! Two female character returns next chapter!

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Chapter 255 – Marquis’ Visit

I’m back.

Anyway, I’ll make this brief.

I noticed there are some broken links on KnW chapters. ( I saw some in the 1-60 chapters)

Do you guys want me to retranslate it?

If yes, you have to endure waiting for Chapter 256 to come, and I would like to know all the chapters that are currently broken links.

Please do comment below about this.

For those who had started reading this novel and reached up to the latest, how did you manage to read the missing chapters?

Please do comment below about this too.

(Currently, all the Yoraikun links are broken. God knows how many more)

If no, then I’ll ask this instead. Who was the woman last chapter? Find out in this chapter!

Those who got it right gets a smirk from me! *smirk*

And with that said, enjoy Chapter 255.

(P.S. : The answer was obvious once you looked at the Translation page of the site. Maybe I should I hide it?)

(P.S #2. : It seems I was mistaken. All the link in Novel Updates were working. I based mine on this link. I probably should change my reference link.)

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Chapter 253 – The Simple-Minded Old Loli

I’ll be brief with this one.

Here are the few things to remember before you proceed with Chapter 253.

《Binding 》 is the technique used by the Gabranths that uses their life force to borrow strength from 《Spirits 》 which derives their elemental specialities

Remember, the lame Fang skill series? That’s the effect of 《Binding 》

Also next Chapter is an introduction of a new Loli

With that said, I hope you enjoy this chapter. *smirks*

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Chapter 251 – Flash Fireworks

Hey guys, I’m back.

Unfortunately, this could be the last chapter for this week.

Work is pilling up again. So I can’t promise anymore than this.

We will see how it goes.

I also changed Konjiki no Word Master to Konji no Moji Tsukai from Translations Page. I realized it was left half translated from it’s original counter part. As a translator, I simply changed it back, and put the English title below.

Anyway, enjoy chapter 251, meow~

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