Update: Apologies

Hi there. Apologies for the late update. Unfornately, I was only able to finish translating chapter 270 at 50% completion. My room was being renovated last Saturday until the end of Sunday which is why I couldn’t finish chapter 270 this week. I’ll try to squeeze some time for it this weekdays and see if I can manage to translate one more chapter. 

On another note, I’m still in the midst of saving a brand new laptop. So please understand if my translations are taking awhile. A smartphone can only do so much. So once again, gomenasai. 


13 thoughts on “Update: Apologies

  1. It really is not like I have a leeway with my finances, but have you thought about putting a “donations” button? I can almost guarantee that it would help you get the money for a new laptop pretty quick, since so many people like this series…
    Heck, even I would try to donate a few bucks to help you in this dark time!

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  2. Take your time. I agree with Thyros, also is there any backup for chapters 1-17ish. They are gone because the website went down and want to read those chapters.


  3. It’s ok Anri, just take your time. And yeah like Thyros say, there will be lot people who willing to help you because many people still want you to translate this series…


  4. Hi I am deivener I live in Brazil and although I use the translator to read his blog I have been following him already for a while I think in chapter 150 or something and I’m really enjoying very much appreciate the work of people like you who spend your time To bring these contents to other fans like me so I leave here my thank you !!!


  5. hello! thank you for translating, just started reading and am really enjoying it! just a few chapters from, mostly from yoraikun, aren’t working, because the site is down i think? is there any other place i could read those?


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