Update Once Again

Hello guys. I’m back. 

I have news to bring to you readers. 

I don’t know if it would be bad news to others or maybe not. But yeah, I have news. 

Straight to the point, I just got a heavier load of responsibilities in my workplace, meaning I was promoted from my position. 

Now how is this related to Konjiki no Moji Tsukai Translation, you ask? 

Simple. Slower translations. I can only promise 1 chapter a week at least. I don’t think I can whimsically post a series of chapter like I used to back then. 

Which leads me to the main topic I’m going to bring up. 

Are you alright with 1 chapter per week? 


Does anyone want to volunteer to help me in this project? 

I’m very hesitant to give up this project right away. So I want to at least find and see a decent translator who can continue this project. 

Please tell me your opinion about this in the comment section. 

And thank you for patiently waiting for my releases. 

With love, Anri-sama


41 thoughts on “Update Once Again

  1. 1 chapter per week is alot better then no chapter at all and im used to wait long periods of times for chapter updates since most of the mangas i read are monthly

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  2. I think some of us would be more than happy with a release once every two weeks. I know I would. Once a week perfectly fine.


  3. One chapter per week is pretty good, even more if that’s not draining on you – BTW, congratulations if this promotion comes with a raise, otherwise I should say my condolences.


  4. Congratulations on your promotion. I hope your quality of life keeps improving. 1 chapter a week is fine as long as your not straining yourself. I hope you have a great day.


  5. Congratulations on your promotion.
    I appreciate your hesitation to drop the project and I hope you decide not to. This is one of my favorites and it has struggled to maintain consistent translation, I would hate to see it dropped all together. Just like anybody else, I would prefer multiple chapters a week to feed my insatiable hunger, but i understand that is unrealistic. I am more than happy to wait longer, if you think you can only do one chapter a week, that would still be great. If you can find another translator to help you, that would be great for both sides i think.


  6. Congratz, on ur promotion, i dun mind 1 week 1 chapter but do let us reader know like on which day u most likely to post new chapter XP


  7. I wouldn’t mind helping you out if you need something. I would be able to do editing and some other stuff but my actual translation skills are mighty lacking. Willing to learn though!


  8. Gratz on promotion d( ̄  ̄)

    As long as there are updates, i dont think anyone would have a problem with it. Thanks for the hard work ٩( ‘ω’ )و


  9. Hmmmm i think chances are low but you could try bakapervert. I have hope he might say yes since he helped out elementalcobalt with Arifureta. Hes almost done with it and just needs a few side stories. You could ask him to think about it and give you a reply after he finishes his current work.


  10. Congrats on your promotion! I love your translations and I’m fine with a chapter per week, but most importantly, i don’t want to see the great Anri-sama crumble under the heavy loads!


  11. Congratulations on your promotion!
    I don’t mind waiting 1 or 2 weeks for a single chapter, rather that’s what I’m more accustomed to. If I could I’d like to take a crack at translating but I still can’t properly read or write Japanese (Like at all), so I’m fine with being patient.


  12. Gratz on promo.

    I’m impatient but, hey what can I do other then wait.

    Once a week is cool, but maybe more depending on chapter sizes?

    Just not released in parts. ..


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