I’m surprised that this is my first post in here. Yahoo~

Anyway, I’m here to give you a good understanding on what’s going around this site.

As it stands, honestly speaking, the site is inactive for more than a month now.

I know that Anri plans to post a bulk release. But I haven’t got a word from her yet when.

And I can’t even continue her translation because she’s translating via phone.

All I know though is that Anri is currently busy with her work and hadn’t touched the site since then.

However, surprisingly, I received a message from her yesterday.

I’ll be away for two months due to work so LoliQ *passes the baton* I leave KnW in your care until I come back.

Maa, and this is the reason for the post.

Strangely enough she didn’t share her translation for the bulk release.

But, I’m a considerate person, I can’t deny a loli’s request. Ufufufu.

Anyway, I’m going to continue the translation until Anri comes back. Back then I was just on the sidelines, but I’m surprised I’m back again to this frightening industry.

I’m going to finish 206 & 207 from scratch. However, I can’t promise you the same speed as Anri does because I have a lot on my plate as well.

So, *bows*, wait for two weeks. I’ll post those two chapters once I’m done.

See you after two weeks! And remember that Cuteness is Justice!


112 thoughts on “Takeover

  1. Sorry to hear that you (Loliquent) and Anri are being overburdened. I like this series alot and thank you and Anri for translating it. Wish the best for you and Anri and I hope that the series will continue to be translated (when time permits). Have a wonderful day


  2. Pleas keep up the good work. I love this story and I know it’s changed hands a lot. Always thankful for any translator that takes any of their free time to share the authors words with us even if it’s a few chapters a month. I’ll be checking back again πŸ˜ƒπŸ’•πŸ‘


  3. Hey LoliQ, It’s only 24 hours past the two weeks you was planning to get a couple chapters out so no real biggy that it’s not there yet, but maybe you could give use a little “ooops, it is going to take a little longer”, soon so people will know. Everybody knows RL comes up to bite you in the butt now and then, but for Anri to dump this on you and not sending you the chapters up to 212 that she was bragging to everyone that she had ready sucks. Thanks LoliQ for taking over and good luck starting from chap. 206. I’m not trying to piss anyone off, but if you keep ppl in the loop, you don’t get the haters coming out of the woodwork as much.

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    • Sorry for the late reply. It’s alright Anri may have some circumstance we aren’t really aware of.

      Anyway, I did say to wait for two weeks before I start translating 206 and 207. I’m half way from finishing 206. Food chapters are really just hard to translate properly. I don’t know if I’m getting rusty at translating or it’s just because 206 has too much wall of texts.

      I’ll post 206 as soon as possible.

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      • Sorry that was my misunderstanding, I read it as you would have them translated in two weeks. It’s just that I’m trying to read about 10 different books and have reached the end of all the translations and everyone seems to have taken a holiday. Makes me think about learning to read Japanese. LOL. Like that might happen at 60yo. Keep up the good work then, looking forward to reading the next chapter.


  4. please πŸ˜€ i want to know what will happen next πŸ˜€
    please πŸ˜€ please πŸ˜€ please πŸ˜€

    funny thing πŸ˜€ takeover is Chapter 245


  5. Leo esto y lo triste es que han pasado ya como dos semanas y aun no hay cap T-T igual esperare como espero un nuevo total war bien echo y totalmente en espaΓ±ol de The Creative Assembly


      • Now now there’s no need for such violent words, someone do need to inquire when something promised isn’t delivered, we all will wait no matter how long, but they should have at least reply and give a SitRep on what’s going on


  6. Is the chapter ready loliquent-san You see I’ve been waitingmfor it for a lomg time now especially since most of the novels that I read are on a temporary break and some other stuff so I’ve been raging about it all day


  7. Calm Dow guys let them breathe i wonder what all u guys would do if u all where in Japan reading at the pace the chapters go out , would u go to the house of the writer to push him/her? For more chapters? That wouldnt work guys!!! Just wait and live ur own lives and check from time to time , the only think u do when u write bad replys is make them sad or angry , that could make anyone quit working is that what u want? If the creator dies, are u gona TAKE him from the grave? Lol

    LoliQ And Anri thanks alot for ur work ^^ and also all the other TL there is a lot of people working to translate it but people read faster than the TL works “sight” count me there too…..

    If u have sooooooo much free time why dont read other works meanwhile? There are alot good ones posted in other sites
    Mushoku Tensei, Re:Monster, Coiling dragon ring, Tate no yuusha, Overlord, Ark ,Ark the legend, Re: zero kara, Moonlight sculptor, i fall in love with a member of hero party (dont remember jap name lol) My childhood friend is a girl and a hero, tensei shitara slime , “dont hate me” SAO , Heavy object, gunota , death march , and once u read some of them u can find more works in the coments so u can have a lot of time to read ^^ im not gona post the links just Google them and u can find them easily

    If someone has another good materials to read please share them ^^


  8. Hey Loli, was just wondering if there was a recent status update. Just take your time if needed, us leachers can wait as long as you need us to.


  9. Hi, my dear loliquent sama. is there any update of chapter 206 or 207? Well, take your time as much as you need, but pelase keep us notice about the situasion. Thank you :*


  10. Still waiting… 😦 If you don’t want to continue this novel, please say it! I’m everyday checking this page for nothing. So, onegai, don’t leave this project…! Tanomu! And thanks on the other hand, for the future translations!!! I’m really a fan of konjiki.


  11. so Anri will be gone for 2 months and this post was made a month ago maybe we can see some update on the update on how translating is going in another month?

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  12. For those who can’t wait since this is a web novel why not just use MACHINE TRANSLATOR? even if the translation is bad you can understand it , that is if you can’t wait anymore


  13. Sigh, honestly I’m not surprised. This project has been constantly passed here and there over and over again and its always the same result. UNF, xcross, kiriko, yoraikun aka translation god, loliQ, blazing, that guy, n00b, that other guy etc etc. Anyway, you guys can stick around, I’m gonna do what i did for arifurata and pervert healer, utilize google translate and excite translator and reset all my stats to +100 interpretation. See yall on the flip-side.

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  14. Sigh, honestly not surprised. This project has change hands over and over again and it’s always the same result. UNF, Elysion, Yoraikun aka translations god, Xcross, Entruce, Kiriko, LoliQ, Blazing, that guy, n00b, that other guy etc etc. At this point instead of waiting around for a 2 chapter release followed by a month or two of silence, better to let the translators return to their normal lives and struggle through on our own using MTL.


  15. Loliquent – san ano sa Can you pls give us an update if your continouing cauz alot of us are waitin yu know its already a month im almost cryn you know *gusu* just pls tellus an update or your status cauz im almost worried desu~ *bows*


  16. i love Konjiki no Wordmaster but it’s gone through to many ppl to translate it that I had hoped that Anri or now LoliQ would be posting it more regularly but I know life gets in the way and they are doing a service for us without asking anything in return but for now r.i.p Konjiki no Wordmaster like many other stories we will just have to imagine an ending(I will still check weekly for updates because i hope some one will finish it one day)


  17. do you need help? Translating or Editing? It’s already July, so were doubting the project is still alive. I am not pushing you guys or anything but if you need help (aside from proofreading) I maybe able to provide one… or someone to take the project over… but that if only is on the worst case scenario… (Well, translating+maintaining the site in good condition is a lot of hard work so that ‘help’ of mine may or may not be available for some time). Just an update or so? Pretty please?


  18. Not even interested in the chapter at this point. I just want LoliQ to post an update to make sure everything’s going all right with them.

    Btw, some of you guys think you got it bad, i remember when translations suddenly shut down on my birthday last year. All because someone in the comments set the TLs off for no reason. Can we not just freaking chill out? All this random drama and comparing TLs isn’t going to make them translate faster, if at all. If anything, i got attached to certain TLs that talked a little about themselves before each translated chapter, because you start to get to know them. Stop pressuring them and making them feel the need to set translation deadlines.

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  19. Are they delaying the translations on purpose? No offense, but it’s been way more than a month, has anyone heard from Loliquent or Anri?


  20. I’m very sorry about this but I’ll be temporarily taking over the project, as two months have already passed and still no update whatsoever. Not that I’m disrespecting your efforts but since this is temporary, I’ll be removing my work once you have updated the chapter. To the readers, this is the link.
    Again, I apologize for taking the project over without your permission. I hope you understand.


  21. I don’t know if I just missed it, but did you or loliq post a link to raws? Or do you buy then yourself? I can’t seem to find them myself. I’m thinking that since it’s been two months almost that I could just machine translate (google chrome translate, unless there’s something else I could use) and then edit the raws to read them a bit sooner.
    If raws are unavailable for the US, then I’ll just keep waiting. Good luck with whatever it is you are working on <3.


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