This is not a chapter. I’m just going to make some updates regarding some questions I’ve received.

It’s been almost two weeks since I started this translation site. And I’m kind of glad it’s working well.

Now, I may have mentioned in the past that there might be some other translators joining in like XCrossJ and Kiriko, but sadly – sigh  – they’ve made a decision not to translate KnW for personal reasons. LoliQ said she would consider it, but she hasn’t made a final statement about it. So I’m probably a one woman team right now. Please don’t expect too much on me, alright?

Also, I’m going to translate Arc 5 after finishing the few chapters of Arc 4. (Yey! See Translations) I just hope I can find a good quarters to stay, and access to a decent WiFi. (Fyi, I’ve been translating inside a cafe recently. Oh my poor wallet.)

Finally, bulk release will cover all the chapters left for Arc 4. I can’t tell you exactly when ‘cuz I don’t want to promise anything I can’t deliver.

Alright. Enough Said. Bye~



37 thoughts on “Update

  1. Thanks for picking up this series which I thought will end up dead … Cause this is one of the few novels that keep me entertained for a long time as I can read it over and over again without getting bored 😊


  2. Don’t worry about it too much it doesn’t affect my daily routine anyways since part of my routine is to check every translator site i know


  3. I just want to thank you for even translating this novel cause its a fun read. I hope it isnt to much work for you and once again thanks


  4. You’ve been translating in a cafe?! O_O … My first reaction when I read that was “Oh my god…” and now I don’t what to say.

    So… I wish you good luck, and thanks a lot for all of your efforts.


  5. you have been doing the updates very quickly for the past few days and now a bulk update…..we should be grateful for you…..thanks for the announcement ^_^


  6. Thank you for taking it upon yourself to translate KnW! Please, take as much time as you need. You don’t have to rush yourself for us. We should be grateful that you’re even willing to translate for us in the first place. Keep up the great work! 😀


  7. it’s a shame that there aren’t other translators to help you, but i thank you nonetheless for continuing translating KnW. it’s definitely a series that i’m fully into and i’d hate for it to be one that just suddenly stops midway like so many LN’s i’ve enjoyed tend to do. take what time you need, as long as i know it isn’t dropped that’s enough for me.


  8. thank you so much i’m so waiting the chapter 5 because
    1.hirro,arnold and muir is going to spirit kingdom? (if you can called it a kingdom)
    2.avoros is going to give a clue why he doing this
    3.judom is going to fight
    4.severe sword story is going to be revealed


  9. Youre awesome I finally finished that arc you don’t know how many days, hours, minute, seconds, half a second, I spent pressing f5 in bakatsuki until I found your site anyways thank you again! Orz


  10. To the awesome translators :), is there a way to make each arc into a pdf? its because i usually read LNs on my phone and the format of the website where the LN is in isnt phone friendly 😦


  11. Wasn’t able to find anything on this; do you accept donations? I don’t have much but want to donate since I really enjoy knwm and am glad its being updated again?


  12. Thank you very much for spending some of your time to translate this novel. and I agree with you to not promise things, because those lowly leechers will bark at you like a mad dog 😀
    And its better to do it at your own pace, no need to rush.

    Oh, might as well warn you about those ungrateful leechers, if those assholes were to provoke you by any kind of means or complaining without giving out any solution. JUST FUCKING IGNORE THEM !!!
    so yeah… brace yourself, they are going to come sooner or later xD



  13. wow.. thank for translating this novel when other almost decide not to…>.< almost give up to this novel but now light has come back…:D from now this site will be my first site to visit when i surfing…XD


  14. So. I’m not supper experienced, but i used to translate some simple manga a long while ago. That was mostly helping out randomly and I’m certainly out of practice.
    If you want help… I can try to help you.

    I really love this story. Although I imagine its a fair bit more difficult than Ghost Sweeper Mikami, Gekka Bijin (oh how Iwish I could find more RAWs of that). But I’m happy to try. I need a good reason to improve up my Japanese too.

    Granted I bet it sorta sucks to skip around chapters like it probably happens when team translating.

    Anywho let me know if you’d like to give it a whurl.
    I should see if I can find some RAW of a previous chapter to see how I can manage…


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