KnW Terminologies

I’m back again.

While I was organizing some files, I saw one of the old documents in the old KnW project, and then I remembered some of you reading ahead of the said novel.

Anyway, to make things short, the link that I will post is a compilation of terminologies in the Konjiki no Word Master web novel. I modified it a bit to remove some shocking spoilers. Thank (Blaze, XCrossJ, Loliquent, Kiriko, Caps, Dal, Chuck, and Anri-sama) for continuously updating the document.

I’ll be putting this on the Translation Page as well.

Alright. I hope it helps for those people, and to those planning to aid in the translation of KnW.


2 thoughts on “KnW Terminologies

  1. Na… Anri-sama
    can I copy your terminologies for my translating reference? I have some hard time to remember any character, place, or etc.


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